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Advice, as many say, is an indispensable good. It’s something that often is given for free but can provide returns beyond comprehension. In the world of photography, advice is still invalubule. So many different fields exist for the photographer that choosing one or specializing in one can become a seirous career. There are band photographers, wedding photographers, amateur photographers and everything inbetween.


The nature of photography used to be super difficult, with classes, and even majors dominating parts of journalism and art. These days the green ‘auto’ mode has changed the field. Thomas Firak, of Thomas Firak Photography, considers photography to be a tough business due to technology making it so accessible. It’s true, nowadays anyone can take a picture on their cell phone, mess around with it on Instagram and all of a sudden he or she is a photographer.


As an entrepreneur himself, Firak suggested doing a lot of research before and having a reliable client base obtained before starting a business. Overall, in the photography world he stays away from weddings and school dances and sticks to commercial photography. His indispensable advice was to “be open to reinvention, it’s the key to longevity.”

(Good Advice!)


Only time will tell the trajectory of commercial photography, but the auto mode is going nowhere.


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