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Out with the Old in with the New: Classic Ideas Rethought

Out with the Old in with the New: Classic Ideas Rethought

By: Staci Chesler


We’ve all heard our parents say the old adage “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” as we rolled our eyes at their flip-phones and bulky TVs. But we now live in a world of constant innovation, which means every process and product can always be improved. From tracking user data to buying concert tickets, entrepreneurs and inventors alike are changing our old habits for the better.

1. WhoAPI 5


Coding is the future. If you want to get ahead of the game, we suggest taking a class or two! Or you can simply use WhoAPI to help turn raw domain data into machine readable outputs. WhoAPI will help track and monitor your domain, allowing the everyday user to understand the website process.


CEO, Goran Duskic, shared this advice: “Don’t take the internet for granted. Invest in your online brand.”

2. Freedcamp 5


We are a group of incredibly busy entrepreneurs and the hardest part about being busy is staying organized. Freedcamp is the ultimate multi-project dashboard that allows its users to not only share multiple projects, but lets you track deadlines too. To top it off, its free and what’s better than that? Nothing, that’s what!


CEO Angel Grablev, shared, “You should never take on extremely large projects, break it up into small pieces. Focus on the most crucial thing you can achieve today and make that piece a success.”

3. CoSchedule 5


While Garrett Moon and his Co-Founder were running a web development company, they received a lot of questions about marketing tools. They knew content marketing was the best way to grow a business, but needed to find an easier way and overall better tools for companies to manage blogs and social media. Looking for the perfect calendar, they went on to build CoSchedule: the world’s first content marketing and social media editorial calendar for WordPress. This major player in the midstream marketing tool ultimately helps content marketers plan and publish their content, share it with the world, and save a ton of time while doing so.


Founder Garrett Moon, shared, “Charge early. Dont be afraid to raise prices and scale that quickly.”

4. UxCam 4


Users are everything! They are the backbone of any business and knowing their opinion can make or break your company. UxCam is a new, innovative app that empowers you to have greater knowledge about your users and fixes usability issues within your website or app. UXCam is programmed to capture screen recordings and physical touch interactions on your app, providing a unique way to watch your user’s behavior.


CEO, Kishan Gupta shared this advice: “When you’re developing a product, you have to constantly get feedback from customers.”

5. Zoosk 4


Online dating is far from taboo anymore and with the added help of cellphones, the online dating world has propelled itself leaps and bounds. With that said, with online dating comes the dreaded catfish moment, “Is the person I’m meeting actually who they say they are?” Luckily  for all of us single people, Zoosk has found a way to drastically lower the risk of catfishing with its new photo verification. Not to mention the fact that Zoosk will learn your preferences as you use the site, allowing a more personalized platform for finding the love of your life.


CEO, Kelly Steckelberg shared this advice: “Really look for the problem that you're trying to solve. make sure that it's something that people want, not just an interest of your own.”



What if we told you that your plane debit or credit card can be transformed into a magical black VIP card. Are you jumping with joy? We did. SELECT turns regular cards into sleek black card with VIP benefits, such as providing you with elite perks, luxurious travel destinations, savings at the best nightlife venues, and more. All the cool kids are getting switching over to the SELECT side, you should too.


CEO, Carlo Cisco shared this advice: “Whether you're just starting out or already in business it’s important you have confidence, passion and drive.”

7. MyWebRoom 4


Every browser, be it Firefox, Safari, ect., gives users the ability to archive and save their favorite websites, but looking at a plane computer screen can get boring. MyWebRoom, is an online platform that allows users to save all of their needed links, but instead of just a list, users can turn their websites into a virtual room. For example, if you want to bookmark Netflix, you place a TV in your virtual room. From just one interface, you can interact with products you love, connect with friends, get to your the most desired websites, and to top if off you can design your dream room with whatever furniture you choose.


CEO Artem Fedyaev, shared, “If you have an idea and the means to put it together, you don't have make it perfect. Get your product out there as soon as possible, and eventually it will all come together.”

8. Player.me 3


Sometimes the best way to relax after a long day is to play a couple hours of video games. But playing alone isn’t always the most entertaining thing, which is where Player.me comes in. This online platform connects gamers from all around the world to play with each other and offer advice.  Today, there are 80,000 players on the site, connecting teams, players, and companies. Whether you’re a gamer, a game creater, or a network, Player.me gives you a prime opporuntity to show off your skills.


CEO Sean Fee, said, “Be prepared for all of the ups and downs that come with starting your own business. sometimes you feel like the world against you and a week later you feel like everything is falling into place. Being able to handle the highs and lows is important.”

9. Gametime 2


After almost missing a San Francisco Giants game in 2012 because he didn’t have access to a printer, CEO Brad Griffith was determined to create a simpler way to purchase tickets and most importantly, retrieve them. They’ve made the ticket purchase process a breeze by subtracting printing from the equation entirely, and finding the best possible value for each customer. Although they specialize in sporting events, they hope to soon assist their users in finding the next best thing to do that day or night. Whether that be a baseball game or a concert, Gametime is here to help.


CEO Brad Griffith said, “Focus on a narrow opportunity and nail that experience down before expanding to different markets.”

10. Viki 2


Viki is a global TV site provides millions of viewers the opportunity to watch and subtitle any primetime movie or show in more than 200 different languages. Jayson hopes that “when you think about premium movies you're going to think about Netflix, when you think about premium television you’re going to think about Hulu, and when you think about premium global programing you’re going to think about Viki.”


VP of Marketing, Jayson Oertel said, “Really understand your audience, listen to them and market to them the way they want to be marketed to.”

11. 23Snaps 1


Grandma lives in Colorado, Uncle Ben in Boston, and Aunt Jen in Phoenix, but all three want to see the 30+ pictures of the new baby. Emailing and texting is too slow, and social media is too dangerous, good thing 23Snaps is there to save the day! As a photo platform made by parents for parents, 23Snaps understands the concerns with sharing pictures of your children and puts safety first.


Co-Founder, Ivailo Jordanov, shared this advice: “The most important thing is to build something that you want to use. You’ll be more passionate when you actually want to use it yourself.”

12. SoFi 1


After working in banking for 12 years in China, Singapore, and London, Co-Founder Dan Macklin decided it was time for a change. He decided to go to Stanford Business School in 2010, where he was surrounded by people starting companies. Realizing with a few classmates that the finance industry needed some fresh thinking, he was inspired to start a business of his own. Within four years of launching the company, SoFi has over 300 employees, and 50,000 happy customers around the country. Reinventing consumer finance as we known it, SoFi is helping young professionals further their success by providing student loan refinancing, mortgage refinancing, mortgages, and personal loans. They offer a one of a kind product, giving institutional, and individual investors a platform to create an impact while also receiving amazing rates of return.


Co Founder Dan Macklin, shared, “If you're thinking of starting a company or have already began your journey, think of a big idea that improves on currently solutions in a current way.”

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