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Orchestrating Your Customers

Orchestrating Your Customers



What is the number one thing you must do in order to get your business out there? Marketing. But that is a lot easier said than done. You need to treat your marketing like an orchestra. Meaning, in order for your message to be conveyed, there must be a progression in the way you market yourself. Your first advertisement or marketing campaign should not and probably will not be a 15 second YouTube ad that is played before a song with 100 million views. No. You need to start slow, create a foundation, gain an audience, convince them that they absolutely need what your services or product, and then give them the final delivery. Here are a few companies building themselves from the ground up through their marketing strategies:

1. Smart Merchandiser 16

Smart Merchandiser

Smart Merchandiser revolutionizes digital merchandising by combining visual assets such as digital catalog layouts and product thumbnails with in-depth web and social analytics and inventory insight in a single interface. Gone are the hours spent clicking between numerous programs, databases, and spreadsheets to gain insight on how products are performing. The result? Digital merchandisers can make website layout decisions in real time, powered by dramatically improved data insight, which drives optimized web site layouts, better online customer experiences, and an improved ability to respond to market changes – all just a click away with Smart Merchandiser.


Teresa Zobrist, President & CEO of Smart Merchandiser says: “We like to take a look at what is going on in the world right now—for example, is it back to school time? From that, we formulate a campaign with a target audience and product selection in mind, as well as the specific goals we are trying to achieve. We then look at what tools and processes must be implemented to measure our success and drive us down the path to success.”

2. Perelson Weiner LLP 7

Perelson Weiner LLP

Perelson Weiner is a certified public accounting firm offering comprehensive tax, accounting and auditing, litigation support, valuation and business consulting services. Combining expertise and personalized attention, the firm focuses on assisting entrepreneurs and owner-manager businesses to optimize profitability and growth, and non-profit organizations and foundations to carry out their mission. Complementing the client service process, the Firm provides estate, gift, financial and wealth planning services for high net worth individuals and families. Their experience, insight, knowledge and commitment allow us to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.


“I want to know what motivates you, what struggles and successes you have had in the past--I ask questions that make most people wonder, ‘why is he asking this?’” says Robert Tobey, Partner. Furthermore, John Lieberman, Managing Director says “We build a deep relationship based on truly understanding our customer’s needs and aspirations for now and in the future. We are not a vendor, we are a consigliori.”

3. Team Snap 4

Team Snap

TeamSnap makes coaching, managing and playing team sports easier. Parents and players instantly know where to be, when to be there and what to bring. Coaches and managers track who can make the game, who’s paid their fees and much more. Everyone saves time communicating with the team. With customers in 195 countries and teams representing over 100 different types of sports and non-sport groups, TeamSnap has quickly become the fastest-growing team and group management service in the world. With access on the iPhone and iPad and Android, TeamSnap is an award-winning service used by 8 million+ people around the world.


“Provide amazing support from the get go. We don’t expect our users to be tech savvy, we want to create a simple app for them to use and then help out in every way we can so that the team or league is successful,” says David DuPont, CEO of Team Snap.

4. Codeship 4


Codeship is a hosted continuous delivery platform. It helps to release software quickly, automatically and multiple times a day. It shortens the development cycles thus reducing the risk of bugs and increasing innovation. It helps software companies developing a better product faster by taking care of the testing and release process. Managing your own continuous deployment system takes time, specialized knowledge, custom solutions and dedicated, on-premise infrastructure. Codeship automates software deployment and all the necessary tasks involved with it.


“We are motivated by our customers who share with us how we speed their processes, reduce the headache of coding and increase their profitability. Through our blog and other marketing avenues, we share relevant and meaningful information regarding coding and our industry. With this reputation we have built, customer referrals are common and a key way that we are growing,” says Moritz Plassnig, CEO & Founder

5. BMGI 4


BMGI is a consulting firm focusing on strategy, innovation, operational excellence and change management. Since 1999, BMGI has been providing people-driven solutions to help organizations build their problem solving capabilities, improve operations and grow their business. With 15 offices worldwide, BMGI delivers services in multiple languages and with a mastery of many local cultures. BMGI’s clients, spread across more than 20 countries, include Consumers Energy, Federal Reserve, Sasol Mining, Mutual of Omaha, Standard Bank, TNT Express, Philips, MeadWestvaco, Sberbank, John Deere and many others.


“Understanding the job to be done and taking an agnostic view of what the customer needs to get done, regardless of what they do today, is the focus of our business. Always focus on what it is the customer is trying to get done, never how you do it for them,” says David Silverstein, Founder & CEO.

6. Countup 3


CountUp is an online marketplace matching businesses with on-demand CPA's. Their mission is to make the process of discovering, hiring and working with virtual accountants as frictionless as possible. They want to create a trusted network of accountants and advisors who can be easily accessed by businesses for ad hoc or ongoing relationships. Startups will submit job requests and receive proposals from verified CPA's matching their criteria. CPAs can easily communicate with clients, request supporting documents, process payments, share files, e-sign legal documents and schedule virtual meetings. By providing the necessary cloud practice management tools, CountUp enables CPA's to scale their practice and focus on what they love.

CountUp will be offering standard accounting services (bookkeeping, payroll, tax) as well as value-added services (advisory, financial planning, analysis, business valuations). Every service has a unique job request form associated with it, so when a client fills in the questions, key details help you assess the engagement quickly.


“Pay very close attention to all of the feedback you receive from your customers. As we are in our infancy, we will run web conferences to build standards, understanding, and expectations for our community of entrepreneurs and CPA’s,” says Nodar Janashia Founder & CEO.

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