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Online Shopping: Simple, Secure, Profitable

Online Shopping: Simple, Secure, Profitable



Every year Black Friday rolls around, it is evident that more and more consumers are turning to online purchasing rather than waiting in huge lines in brick-and-mortar stores.  Really, Cyber Monday is a great example of how shopping has changed over the years.  If you want to grow with this trend, it is important to have e-commerce software set up in order to protect your customers from online threats.  These companies know what they are doing; they can provide you with software to manage, manage your software for you, and help protect your customers.  Here are 10 Internet e-commerce companies we’ll be keeping our eye on!

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1. BuySeasons 2


BuySeasons is an online retailer of costume and party supplies.  In fact, they have grown to become the largest costume and party retailer on the web, since their start in 1994.  Their goal is to ship joy to people all around the world, through parcel, by providing them with supplies to celebrate any occasion.  With over 150,000 unique costumes and more than 1 million customizable combinations, there certainly isn’t a lack of fun in this company.

2. StrataShops 1


StrataShops was founded with the goal of creating an easy online shopping experience, and since their beginning, they have experienced rapid growth without the accumulation of debt.  While operating in multiple online stores, with several more in development, StrataShops believes customer service is a mindset in order to provide superb service, fair pricing, and an easy online shopping experience for their customers.

3. Sequoia Retail Systems, Inc. 1

Sequoia Retail Systems, Inc.

Sequoia Retail Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of independent and comprehensive point-of-sale, inventory control, e-commerce, and textbook management systems to colleges and universities throughout the nation.  Their focus is on technology and a staff that includes many industry-experienced people, in order to grow as much as it has in the past 20 years.  With a wide array of solutions for each individual’s needs, Sequoia can help you manage better.

4. Warp 9 Inc. 1

Warp 9 Inc.

Warp 9 Inc. is the premier provider of e-commerce and mobile commerce services for midsize online sellers.  Their Total Commerce Solution (TCS) is a cloud based, state-of-the-art e-commerce solution that provides online retailers with high levels of functionality, performance, and ease of use.  While giving business owners the time to manage their business, Warp 9 Inc. manages their technical implementations.

5. Base Commerce 1

Base Commerce

Base Commerce is a PCI Level 1 certified payment platform whose top priority is security.  They offer unique products and serves to help their clients secure cardholder data and deal with threats in the payment-processing environment.  Their solutions support most major software platforms out of the box, but use of their simple SDKs can enable your web, mobile, or desktop application to begin accepting payments.  The ability to be up and running within minutes, rather than days is a priceless advantage.

6. Fox Learning Systems 1

Fox Learning Systems

Fox Learning Systems has created over 800 television documentary-style video training courses in both English and Spanish for the past 15 years.  Their content, which engages, educates, and empowers patients and caregivers, allows them to make better health decisions.  Their dedication to providing people all over the country with the tools they need to serve, train, and work, helps foster a higher quality of life for patients.

7. 7thonline 0


7thonline specializes in merchandise planning and demand forecasting for global retailers and wholesale brands in the apparel, footwear, and accessory industries.  Their complete suite of merchandise and assortment management software solutions are specially designed to address the unique inventory and planning challenges that face the fashion industry.  This ecommerce solution is designed to bring an important understanding of the industry to a solution in order to have you stand out from traditional management processes developed specially for brick-and-mortar stores or catalogues. 

8. Demandware 0


Demandware is the category-defining leader of enterprise cloud commerce solutions, which empowers retailers to engage and inspire consumers, while enhancing brand value and profit growth.  Their open cloud platform provides unique benefits to clients worldwide, which enables them to lead their markets and grow more quickly.  They believe in a business model that encourages partnership and shared success.  That way, they can focus on providing highly scalable, secure, cloud commerce technology to retailers who need to focus more on growing their business, not managing their software.

9. E-Markets 0


E-Markets was the first company to offer web-based agricultural solutions after their team identified a need in the industry.  They delivered the first web-based agricultural input ordering system, agribusinesses, in 1997.  Their agribusiness software solutions are delivered in the cloud or on premise and they also offer a wide variety of management tools for agricultural retailers, grain handlers, food processors, and more.

10. buySAFE, Inc. 0

buySAFE, Inc.

buySAFE Guaranteed Shopping programs are used by thousands of online merchants to increase conversion and customer satisfaction by addressing three primary concerns of online shoppers.  Purchasing a buySAFE Guaranteed product includes ID theft protection, a purchase guarantee, and a same store lowest price guarantee.  Lack of customer confidence in the Internet prevents online commerce from reaching its full potential, but buySAFE, Inc. enables online merchants to provide a third-party Guaranteed Shopping program, which increases customer satisfaction.

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