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Omnichannel commerce increasingly important in 2015

Omnichannel commerce is going strong in 2015, which can pose a challenge for some retailers. Omnichannel commerce merges at-home (or in-office, as is often the case), in-store, and mobile commerce into one seamless experience.

The last few years have been a technological whirlwind with POS systems and other equipment that can easily integrate with e-commerce platforms and product catalogs. This seamless technology, and the additional revenue platform offered by social media, allows retailers to participate in omnichannel commerce and harvest data from several places. 

Shoppers are definitely looking across a large variety of platforms to communicate with businesses and make purchases. People use laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even watches to browse the internet and engage on social media. It is important to optimize the user experience on your site or when interacting with your company, regardless of the device. Make it easy for customers to make a purchase or place an order regardless of where they are or how they found you. 

This is also the year of big data and capturing customer information from several avenues. There is invaluable data available both online and offline, but only large companies have the ability to adequately analyze the entire value chain. Small businesses invest in a trusted payment processor that can satisfy as many revenue streams as possible, and also properly report on each. 

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