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Nothing Can Stop You From Success

Patrick Bet-David believes that impossible is just a word. After hearing his story you will know why. Born in Iran during the 1970s, Bet-David experienced revolution and war as a child. In the late 1980s Bet-David and his mother were able to leave Iran and spent two years in a refugee camp in Germany before immigrating to the United States when he was 12. School provided a unique challenge to Bet-David.

"I remember I did well in math and pretty much failed everything else," Bet-David said.

Those struggles led Bet-David to join the army after high school, where he was a member of the 101st Airborne Division for several years. He then bounced around between jobs, including working at a gym, before he was able to join financial firm Morgan Stanley. Despite working his way up to a top financial firm, Bet-David was not satisfied.

"I was bored out of my mind," Bet-David said. "I felt like something was missing."

The missing piece came when he started his own business, People Helping People in October 2009. Now, his financial services company has more than 5,500 representatives in 33 states. People Helping People offers services such as life insurance, annuities, mutual funds and 401(k)s and has dealt in transactions totaling billions of dollars. The company is one of the fastest-growing financial services firms in the country.

"I never could have predicted this," Bet-David said. "I was the kid that parents told their kids to stay away from because they thought I would never amount to anything. I don’t have a four-year degree. I got hired at Morgan Stanley because my résumé had a joke in it that made him laugh. The branch manager said if you can get me to laugh at your résumé I want to meet this person. Then I sold him on the interview." 

The aim of telling this story is nothing but just to make you people realize that nothing can stop you from success when you have an ambition. The only thing needed is that you must have trust in your abilities and should not waste your time in living some one else's life. Those who follow their passion nothing can deter them from making progress in their life. So keep it in your mind that NOTHING CAN STOP YOU.


Posted by Muhammad Javaid