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Nonprofits Doing Amazing Work

There are many struggles and difficulties people face every day, and not nearly as many solutions. These nonprofit organizations provide social services to people in their area and nationwide. They help with everything from homelessness to hunger to grief. People in these organizations give much of themselves to better the lives of those around them.

1. SAGE 1

SAGE stands for Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders. This is a national organization, founded in NYC in 1978. This group is designed to support and advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender seniors around the country.

2. Casa Serena 0

Casa Serena is a residential treatment center for women in Santa Barbara, California. Founded in 1959, it grew out of a need for a place where women could receive help in the area. Casa Serena is made up of three houses, one of which being the Oliver House where mothers can reunite and live with their children while receiving treatment. It is the only home in Santa Barbara that allows mother and children to live together. They can hold up to 31 women and 6 children at a time.

3. Promise House Inc 0

Promise House Inc provides services and housing for youth in crisis. Their clients include runaways, homeless, and at-risk youth. They provide emergency and long-term housing as well as counseling to help them succeed. Additionally, they have a separate home for pregnant teenagers and teen mothers.

4. The Chinese Mutual Aid Association 0

The Chinese Mutual Aid Association, or CMAA, works with immigrants who need social services. They offer housing assistance, health care, job training, and job placement. They also provide youth programs for children after school up to 8th grade that include basketball and other development programs.

5. Holt and Associates 0

Holt and Associates provides legal aid for immigrants. They help people obtain visas and labor certifications. Holt also helps foreign physicians gain a waiver through the Conrad 30 program. She graduated from the Golden Gate University School of Law in 1993 and began focusing on immigration in 1998.

6. Gateway Woods 0

Gateway Woods works to help children and families find a better life through Christian values. They offer residential care for abused or neglected children, as well as counseling and parent training. They also provide adoption and foster care services.

7. Homestretch Inc 0

Homestretch Inc works to treat the root cause of homelessness in families. They work individually with each family to find out what they need to get back on their feet. Many families they work with are homeless due to domestic violence, human trafficking, medical crisis or loss of loved ones. The average age of their clients is nine years old. They help meet each family’s individual needs.

8. Kingdom House 0

was founded in 1902 in St. Louis, Missouri. Their goal is to help people rise out of poverty by offering them holistic solutions. They are a founding member of the United Way of Greater St. Louis. They provide childcare, food and clothing assistance, youth programs, and Senior Companions.

9. Logan Square Neighborhood Association 0

Logan Square Neighborhood Association is a community organization working to keep the neighborhoods of Logan Square, Avondale, and Lathrop in Chicago safe and affordable. They have teamed up with organizations in the area to serve over 7 thousand adults. They also work to provide public and affordable housing for families in need.

10. Metropolitan Family Services 0

Metropolitan Family Services began in 1950 to help families struggling with racial and economic inequality after World War II. Founded in Portland, Oregon, this group has continued their efforts to offer educational, business and financial opportunities to individuals and families of all ages in need.

11. New Community Corporation 0

New Community Corporation provides services for the inner-city residents of Newark, New Jersey. Their focus is on strengthening and supporting the family through their Family Resource Success Center, family homeless shelter, workforce training, and continual education for all ages. They also work to provide health services for individuals and families struggling with mental and behavioral illnesses.

12. Park Center Inc 0

Park Center Inc is a mental health resource center. They provide services for children and adults with mental and behavioral difficulties. These services include residential services, home services, family support, education, therapy, psychological testing, adult residential services, employment services, and much much more.

13. Friendship Trays Inc 0

Friendship Trays Inc provides food to people who cannot secure a meal for themselves due to age or disability. The program includes one large meal a day around lunchtime, provided mainly by volunteers. Clients are asked to pay for their meal as much as they can, but the organization takes a lot into consideration when deciding cost. 80 organizations help sponsor and donate food for people in need around Charlotte, NC.

14. ACR Homes Inc 0

ACR Homes Inc provides housing and residential care for people with physical and developmental disabilities. The first house was opened in 1981 for six children with autism after they graduated high school. Since then, the organization has grown to 200 people in 50 homes across the Twin Cities area.

15. Ele’s Place 0

Ele’s Place is a community center in Michigan aimed to supporting grieving children. When children lose a loved one it is hard for them to process, so Ele’s Place gives children a place to go weekly where they can work through their feelings and meet other children in similar situations. The service is completely free and open to all children in the area up to 18 years old.

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