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Next Stop: Relaxation

Balancing all of the challenges life throws at you can be stressful, why not take a little time for yourself to relax?  Whether you’re looking for a little relaxing getaway or worried about wrinkles, these 15 medical spas have you covered!

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1. South Bay Med Spa 3

Internal medicine family doctor, Dr. Behzad Noorian M.D, founded South Bay Medi Spa.  South bay Med Spa offers clients a wide range of knowledgeable staff that can help educate you on treatments regarding facial and body med spa services and treatments.  Their passion for med spa beauty treatments is backed up by their passion for providing and practicing proper safety precautions and efficient work processes. 

2. Serenity MedSpa 1

Serenity MedSpa offers the most innovative, safe, and effective medical spa services for the face and body.  Dr. Lisa Kang and Dr. David Kang have become well-recognized names in the medical spa treatment field in San Francisco and the surrounding area.  They are highly dedicated to providing their clients with the safest, most innovative and advanced cosmetic laser and dermatologic procedures available

3. Rejuvinate Medical Spa 1

Rejuvinate Medical Spa is a premiere results-driven medical spa who proudly serves as the area’s skin and laser specialists of the past nine years.  By providing you with the best non-invasive cosmetic treatments that are custom-made for you, you will feel like you’ve made the right choice in whom to trust to improve your physical image.  Their team of highly trained medical staff will oversee and educate you in your treatment plan in order to maximize results. 

4. Rah Spa 1

Rah Spa is a complete rejuvenation and medical spa facility designed to help you look and feel your best from the inside out.  Rah Spa’s passion is rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit in order to restore balance in your life.  Their unique approach to personal well-being empowers people to live healthier, longer, and more vibrant lives.  Their goal is to provide clients with a wide range of beautification and rejuvenation treatments in the comfort of a serene clinical setting because everyone deserves a relaxing escape from our busy lives.     

5. Le Rêve Med Spa 0

Le Rêve Med Spa provides advanced skin care treatments that are designed to help you look and feel your best.  By putting the patient’s needs first, their team is able to help you achieve personal goals of having great looking skin and a healthy looking body by using specialized skin care treatments.    They also help you with effective, medical grade, at-home skincare regiments, which helps you meet and exceed your skincare needs.

6. Luxor Medical Spa 0

Luxor Medical Spa utilizes only the best surgical equipment that is cleaned with a modern sterilization system that meets nationally recognized sterilization standards.  They use only the latest advancements in medical technology, but they also emphasize comfort, cleanliness, and safety.  Luxor Medical Spa’s goal is to help you achieve your goals, while making you feel like you’re at home.

7. Flawless Med Spa 0

Flawless Med Spa offers the most contemporary aesthetic medical procedures and luxurious spa treatments in a soothing spa environment.  Their broad range of cosmetic procedures and caring staff can make you feel more comfortable about yourself.  While no two treatment plans are exactly alike, Flawless Med Spa also does medical procedures like laser hair removal, cool sculpting, facials, and more.

8. Manasra Medical Spa 0

Manasra was designed with a different objective in mind – they wanted people to experience a relaxing state of mind and body.  From anti-aging treatments to facials to hair removal to massage, Manasra Medical Spa has you covered.  Not only does Manasra employ highly trained and experienced medical and aesthetics staff, they also use only the most advanced skin renewal systems and products to help clients achieve their goals.

9. Vibrance Medical Spa 0

Vibrance Medical Spa is part of the Auburn Aesthetic Center and runs under the supervision of Jonathan Freed M.D., a board certified plastic surgeon.   Their mission is to provide clients with safe and effective treatments in a relaxing environment to help you create your ultimate spa experience.  Whether you’re just looking for relaxation or you’re concerned about your skin, Vibrance Medical Spa offers complimentary evaluations with their nurses and estheticians in order to create a personalized program that best fits your needs. 

10. La Quinta MedSpa 0

La Quinta MedSpa is a state of the art medical spa and laser center that offers clients the most advanced skin rejuvenating treatments in the country.  La Quinta MedSpa offers laser procedures, injectable procedures, aesthetic treatments, medical skincare services, facials, peels, and waxing.  They help each and every customer fight against the visible signs of aging in order to help revitalize skin’s overall appearance through non-invasive resurfacing procedures. 

11. Clarity Medical Spa 0

Clarity Medical Spa is the first and only medical spa in Siskiyou County, California.  The Clarity Medical Spa team offers medical aesthetic procedures and laser treatments in a relaxing atmosphere for clients to enjoy.  Not looking for medical treatment and want a more cosmetic experience?  Not to worry, Clarity Medical Spa guests can choose from a multitude of spa services and Acupuncture treatments.

12. OU Beauty 0

OU Beauty provides clients with unmatched value in medical outpatient skincare services by providing clients with affordable pricing and the friendliest atmosphere possible.  They focus on medical cosmetic services, such as dermal fillers, laser hair removal, skin care services like chemical peels and microdermabrasion, and coolsculpting to help freeze away stubborn fat.  They are the only med-spa in the United States that has combined a 2000 square foot retail shop with a medical spa.

13. Lux Medical Spa 0

Lux Medical Spa provides clients access to friendly, professional staff, who use the latest in laser technologies at the best prices.  Lux Medical Spa focuses on restoring your skin’s natural glow and slowing down the aging process by offering a wide range of skin care treatments like therapeutic facials, laser treatments, and dermal fillers.  They understand that everyone’s skin is different and are dedicated to providing you a customized solution to meet your expectations.   

14. Radiance Medical Spa 0

Radiance offers clients state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments in a clean and relaxing atmosphere that allows you to feel comfortable through your treatment plan.  Radiance focuses on you and your rejuvenation journey, and they also offer complimentary consultations.  Radiance specializes in minimally invasive and non-invasive medical aesthetic procedures.  A few of their services include skin tightening, dermal filters, and lasers. 

15. Echelon Medical Spa 0

Echelon Medical Spa has a dedicated team of beauty professionals to help you achieve advanced skin care goals.  Custom-designed skin care solutions are designed to meet your specific needs, and their team is there every step of the way to guide you through your skin care program.  From facial fillers to chemical peels to energy-based treatments, Echelon Medical Spa is the choice for all your skin care needs. 

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