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When it comes to skipping the gym, I am the queen of excuses. “I had to work late so I missed my class;” “I’m really tired and my head hurts;” “I’m meeting up with somebody and don’t have time;” “It’s raining.” The list goes on and on.

What I need is something to motivate me and force me off the couch and on my journey to getting fit. I heard about a free app that does just that, and spoke to Greg Coleman, the President of Nexercise, about helping the obesity rate and how he hopes to inspire young African Americans to take the entrepreneurial path.

What is Nexercise?

Nexercise is mobile motivation to exercise and lose weight for free.  We like to call it "motivation in your pocket.”

We built Nexercise to help everyday people get off the couch to start and stick with fitness and healthy lifestyles.  Our plans to stay in shape were being overcome by life and its demands.  We figured that if we were having this problem, that others must be too.  We decided to build the product.



How did you come up with the name?

Nexercise = Next Generation of Exercise.  Everyone knows that you need to exercise. We want to make the journey fun and provide the motivation when you are not able to do it for yourself.

What has been your biggest failure?

As an entrepreneur, you are always failing.  Your life is an endless roller coaster of successes and failures.  The goal, however, is to have the successes outnumber the failures or be more significant as a whole.  If we were to try to pin down one failure, I would say that it was holding on to unproductive team members too long.

What has been your biggest success?

Our biggest success is making it as far as we have on a shoestring budget.  In less than three years and with less than $150 thousand in outside money, we have created a product that is in the hands of over 750,000 people who have logged over 150 million minutes of activity in over 3 million exercise sessions.  Just imagine what we can accomplish when we get more fully capitalized and are able to round out our team.

What has the feedback been?

People are passionately telling us how Nexercise has changed their lives and is helping them reach their goals.  Some have lost upwards of 80 pounds, others have gotten off of blood pressure medication, while many others have seen their pants and dress sizes shrink. We even had one diabetic user tell us that after Nexercising for several months, her doctor told her that her bloodwork was the best she had ever seen it.  We have tracked over 100 million minutes of physical activity and over 3 million exercise sessions.  We are helping people reach their goals.



What's next for Nexercise?

We look forward to providing an updated user experience that makes exercising and staying in better shape more fun and engaging than ever.  We plan to introduce more tools that will help make the Nexercise experience more complete.  Stay tuned!

What do you hope comes of your story being shared with our community? 

We hope that more people decide to take the leap into entrepreneurship.  We especially hope that more minority and African Americans consider tech entrepreneurship.  Historically, African American tech founders make up less than one percent of founders who receive venture capital funding.

The problem is not institutional or societal racism; it is that as a group, we self-eliminate early and do not choose this career path.  One of our goals is to encourage young, inner city, minority children to get a strong foundation in STEM so that they are prepared for the enormous amount of opportunity that awaits them.  

The problem is that right now, careers in technology are not really considered by many young African American kids.  We strive to be role models and blaze a trail that others can follow.


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