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New Technology Apps to Increase Productivity

New Technology Apps to Increase Productivity



It takes time to run a small business. This is especially true of those who are also managing a family, home, and social life. In most cases, it is impossible for an entrepreneur to maintain balance in such a world without extremely good organizational and multi-tasking skills. So what's the secret? Productivity apps! Here are a few apps to take some of the pressure off the busy business owner.


According to No-IP, tracking expenses can be one of the most difficult tasks which business owners are faced with.   Not only are you stuck with saving stacks and stacks of receipts, but you have to enter them into your expense reports. With Expensify, you can scan your receipts, upload them, and sync them with your book keeping software, such as QuickBooks or Salesforce. You can keep track of which receipts go with which trips or projects easily, since Expensify allows you to file any receipts that you may have into folders which are created specifically for those trips or projects. You can then submit your expense report with the simple push of a button. Credit card transactions, time, mileage, and any other expenses can be tracked this way. Costs vary from free for the basic edition to $11 a month for the premium edition.


Tripit shares information about this app for entrepreneurs and those who “travel a lot for business,” by helping you with things like, “keeping up with itinerary changes, rental car confirmations, and hotel reservations.” Imagine how much time you can save with an app like this, which also features maps and weather information for your destination. This app is available for Blackberry, iOS, Android, and Windows Phones.


This app is simply for those who need help managing their time. Users can use Timeful to input tasks into their schedule and set reminders for those tasks, but that's not all. The app actually has an algorithm which allows it to make suggestions for you to fit other tasks into the daily schedule. In other words, it finds time for your needs! Timeful can be synced to Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, and others apps.


DocuSign will end the need for you to be present every time there is an important document to sign. Users can email you any document, and you can open the link in the email to open the document. With a simple signing process, voila! Signing is done. An alert will be sent to all involved parties, and no one has to actually go anywhere. Convenient, huh?


Basecamp offers a great way to collaborate with others on a team, etc. All team members can view a dashboard that contains links to any project. Team members can discuss the project, exchange information, and brainstorm problems here, as well as send files and post milestone dates. Scheduling is handled on the calendar, and data backups are performed daily, as well as SSL encryption. Phones that do not support Basecamp can sign in from a literally anyone can use it.

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