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New Inventions, New Perspectives

New Inventions, New Perspectives



Society has developed numerous ways to help people get through their everyday lives. We have apps, the internet, and of course, other people to help us with our problems. These eight companies below have invented unique and resourceful tools or services to increase efficiency and the flow of everyday life. However, no matter what new or exciting invention they have come up with, each company below has a personal touch that differentiates them from the rest.

1. Setster 13


Founded in 2008, Setster is an elite team of special forces who develop innovative, scheduling solutions used by thousands of businesses around the world. Their team has led the online scheduling industry by creating the first ever embedded booking widget, booking overlay, and online scheduling tool with payment options. Setster has a simple booking functionality with an ecommerce link.  In order to target larger enterprises, they have a robust API that allows them to work with retail type customers and large brands while being one hundred percent customizable. Setster provides full support and completes the work in only a few hours, setting them apart from the rest.

2. MagicLinks 5


MagicLinks helps content creators, inspire shopping trips, enhance fan engagement, and generate revenue. The coupon search engine they created first, Chippmunk, inspired MagicLinks. Their technology is about a year old, and they use tools that work on any social platform. Most of their inspiration comes from sports, and they have a John Wooden leadership philosophy. This philosophy is about maximizing your ability and talents as well as being your best each day rather than focusing on your opponent. MagicLinks has more than 1,000 top internet retailers like Nordstrom, Sephora, Michaels, and many more that allow these retailers to quickly create links and connections.

3. CamFind 3


CamFind is the “easiest way to search the physical world.” All you have to do is download the free app, take a picture of any object, and CamFind uses mobile visual search technology to tell you what that object is. The CamFind app provides fast, accurate results with no typing necessary. After an image is taken, CamFind communicates with CloudSight API and provides customers with accurate results within seconds.

4. FreelanceCTO 2


FreelanceCTO provides a holistic and comprehensive set of services to support Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies, CEOs of capitalized technology startups, angel investors, venture capitalists, and independent strategic consultants. FreelanceCTO helps launch companies, but they also save badly burning businesses because they believe they are not enough CTO's to support the SoCal market. They advise raising your technical knowledge in order to ask the right questions rather than going to school for coding. FreelanceCTO recognizes that Los Angeles is the center for lead generation in the United States and they hope to maximize the impact of technology and minimize operational headaches.

5. Looksee 2


Looksee allows people to create, edit, share, and join a community around your favorite looks.  Looksee is available for free download on the app store and is compatible with the new Apple Watch. It allows you to seamlessly swipe through previews of the most popular filters. Once you have chosen the perfect filter, Looksee provides easy access to upload the photo to your favorite social media account. Looksee empowers people to create something great and connect with their fans.

6. Tracsion 1


Founded in Los Angeles, California, Tracsion manages a portfolio composed of agencies, affiliate networks, publishers, education institutions, insurance brokers, and mobile developers. Tracsion’s full-time sales associates, campaign managers, and accounting staff are dedicated to expanding successful partnerships with advertisers and affiliates. They believe that mobile is the new way to go and desktop search is rapidly declining. Due to the rapid rate of change in the industry, they are doing their homework and staying up to date.

7. Greater Houston Healthconect 1

Greater Houston Healthconect

Greater Houston Healthconnect, founded in 2012, was inspired by the vision of Houston area business and community leaders working hand-in-hand with local healthcare providers to achieve a decisive gain in community health. Greater Houston Healthconnect is working to build the infrastructure to make healthcare information available, so that providers can provide better care at a lower cost. Greater Houston Healthconnect was developed with the support of numerous organizations and interested individuals including the area’s major healthcare systems, medical schools, and Harris County Medical Society. Their vision is to develop and implement an electronic health information exchange for the Greater Houston region.

8. VividRock 0


VividRock is a global IT consulting firm established by long time IT veteran, Dustin Estes. The ultimate goal is to illuminate the industry with innovative and inspiring solutions, while providing a personal touch that will generate long lasting relationships. VividRock specializes in a MS software that helps streamline configurations and disseminating IT support and tools. They have worked at large oil and gas companies and differentiate themselves by providing a refreshing and intimate approach to an overwhelmingly impersonal industry.

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