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Never, NEVER use these words in Sales or Marketing

More often than not, marketers and salespeople use the same words to describe their company, products, and the services they offer. And more often than not, I come across the same dang verbiage in everything I feel someone is ‘selling’ me. No offense, salespeople.

For just a second, pretend I am not in marketing or sales. That being said, these are my top words, phrases, etc. that I find MOST ANNOYING.

1. Turn-key. Other than marketers, does anyone know what this really means?

2. Seasoned. I get it, you’ve been doing the same business for a while now. Just say that.

3. Expert. Is anyone TRULY an expert in what they do? If you are, we should be seeing you so much more on television reports.

4. Exceptional ROI. If you don’t do this that you are a terrible businessperson. It should be a given.

5. Exceed expectations. Just say what you do and how it adds value. That’s it.

Then, I have a couple of honorable mentions such as “Customer-focused,” and “Low-hanging fruit.”

I don’t believe customers should ever be regarded as low-hanging fruit, that’s just me.



Posted by Thomas Demane
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