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Moving Yourself & Your Business Forward

Moving Yourself & Your Business Forward



There is a buzz these days about Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies and the like that are revolutionizing the way freight is moved across the country--however, we should not overlook the innovation and technology that is “moving” the household goods transportation industry as well. Having spent 2 years at a Chicagoland moving company, I have seen many technological innovations used, with both positive and negative results, to streamline business practices, reduce paper, increase customer satisfaction and boost the bottom line. Here is a list of great moving companies from across the US who are taking a unique approach to moving:

1. Northstar Moving 10

Northstar Moving

Founded in 1994, Los Angeles-based NorthStar Moving Company has redefined the moving industry as the first to offer eco-luxury moving services, elevating basic moving and storage services to a new unparalleled level of customer service, customized care and environmental consciousness. Honored with more awards for service than any other moving company: “A+” rated by the Better Business Bureau, voted Citysearch “Best Mover,” earned the most five star ratings on Trustlink and Yelp, and recipient of dozens of awards for corporate culture, green practices, community outreach, and growth including multiple “Best Places to Work” awards and ranked on the Inc. 5,000 list for the fastest growing companies in the U.S. for six consecutive years. The company's local, long distance and international moving, storage services, and eco-luxury packages have been featured in leading magazines including The Robb Report Collection and on multiple home and design television shows.


“We truly listen to our clients and strive to deliver to them what they truly need. Moving is not just about big strong people moving heavy things, it is about offering service and peace of mind that allows our customers to continue on with their daily life--with minimal interruption. We stay on top of our efforts through social media, which we love because of its ability to help us quickly understand customer feedback, understand it and address it as necessary. In addition, we focus on being a “green” company by using biodiesel, recyclable and reusable boxes, offering incentives and more. We know that by staying green, it offers not only a socially responsible service, but also a cost effective solution.“ - Laura McHolm, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief of Organized Living

2. Get Your Move On 8

Get Your Move On

Get Your Move On is a Family owned & operated moving, storage, and delivery company based in Phoenix and serving all of Arizona. Since founding this Scottsdale, Arizona moving company in 2005, owner Derek and Roger Greene have welcomed every customer with the same promise: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Get Your Move On specializes in careful moving services for people who care how their belongings are handled. Anybody with a little brawn can carry furniture from here to there, but what about the disappointing nicks and scratches and random breakage many movers leave behind? For office or facility moving every project begins with an in-depth review of your needs and requirements. From complete project management to moving a single office, Get Your Move On has the people, experience and expertise to meet your needs. Their mission is to provide “A level of experience you wouldn't expect for a moving company” through dedicated teamwork, superior customer service and excellence in operations and follow through. Our employees have come from across the United States to be a part of creating customers for life.


“I truly believe, that given the stress associated with moving all of your belongings, whether personal or business, customer satisfaction is what drives our success forward. We truly believe in providing a personal touch to our moves, and speak with any customer who doesn’t right away give us a 10 on the Net Promoter Score ranking. We strive to make things right regardless of what occurred previously for all of the customers who feel we could improve our service.“ - Derek Greene, President

3. A Better Tripp 4

A Better Tripp

A Better Tripp is a privately held moving company for furniture moves for local and long distance moves with a focus on high end shipments. They specialize in one piece and small furniture transportation local in Houston area, intrastate and interstate. Their movers are uniformed, clean trucks and have been with them for many years. In addition, they are very happy to supply labor for loading U-Hauls and unloading international shipments.


“We have a big focus on providing to the customer’s exactly what they want,” says David Tripp, founder of A Better Tripp. “We can provide a dedicated truck for around town or even long distance moves--we are happy to send the same crew for pickup and delivery, they will put a seal on the truck before departure and the customer gets to cut that off upon arrival. In addition, our office team is devoted, constantly available and all hands on deck for all aspects of our business--we carefully control our growth to ensure that we do not outgrow this level of quality.”

4. Schea Van Lines 3

Schea Van Lines

Based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, with locations in Florida & Illinois, Schea Van Lines is synonymous with quality and reliability in the midwest moving industry. Schea Van Lines is an operation of qualified professional movers with years of experience.  Using the best of the equipment, we can assure a safe and efficient move.  We understand that moving can be one of the most stressful times in your life, and we are committed to making sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. Let us show you how we make moving easy!


“We are propelling the industry forward by focusing on environmental and customer friendly practices. We have GPS tracking on all of our trucks to ensure security and safety, we use paperless contracts to be fast and green and complete all of our estimating and other paperwork from a tablet so that customers receive immediate information about their upcoming move.” - Cameron Schea, President & CEO

5. Dircks Moving & Storage 3

Dircks Moving & Storage

Dircks Moving & Logistics is a full service moving and logistics company that specializes in the transportation and storage of household goods, computerized equipment, office and industrial equipment and other commodities. Dircks serves individual customers, as well as corporations and various government agencies in local, long distance and international moving, move management, storage and distribution projects. Dircks is an agent for Mayflower, the most recognizable name in moving and Dircks is Mayflower’s 2009 President’s Quality Award Winner. Brothers Rick and Chip Dircks founded Dircks in May of 1990 and have developed it into the most diversified moving company in Arizona.


Matt Dircks, Marketing & Communications Manager for Dircks moving shares, “our competitive advantage is the in home estimating tool we use. It allows us to provide binding estimates, immediately to the customer, in their home from an iPad. This wow factor, paperless process and immediate turnaround has had a wonderful affect on our business and customer satisfaction. Ultimately, we are very customer focused and have a more hands on approach than many of our peers in the industry.”

6. Green Gorilla Moving 2

Green Gorilla Moving

Green Gorilla Movers is Austin's original green moving company. They take pride in providing excellent customer service, having a team of talented, professional moving specialists, being green in every aspect of business, and giving back to the community. Their moving specialists go through extensive training and use specialized, state of the art equipment that allows them to move pianos, antiques, and unusually large, odd shaped pieces with great care. Green Gorilla Movers uses only B100 biodiesel in their fleet. This means that it is 100% biodiesel sourced locally from used cooking oils, the purest form of biodiesel that is available. They use zero-waste bins instead of cardboard to pack customers belongings as well. Any packing material they use [stretch wrap, geami, and tape] is biodegradable and/or made from 100% recycled material. They also do all of documents and contracts through a tablet onsite to eliminate the use of paper. Another huge part of their business is giving back. Green Gorilla Movers gives back locally by volunteering time to the local community in various aspects. They also give back globally by donating a percentage of proceeds to The Gorilla Organization, a charity working to save the critically endangered gorilla species. Finally, for every move completed, they 'plant a tree' through The Nature Conservancy's 'Plant a Billion' campaign.


“Being green and giving back is truly a part of our business and world vision. In an industry that runs on fuel, we take countless steps to minimize our carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly. Our foundation is biodiesel trucks, recyclable boxes and being a paperless company that runs mostly off energy efficient ipads. With this vision, we have seen that we not only lower our carbon footprint and reduce operating costs, we have also gained customers because of our method of operating. I hope in the very near future we are able to run hybrid-diesel trucks with solar panels in our fleet.” - John Flores, Owner

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