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More Time, Less Work: Companies Helping You Out

More Time, Less Work: Companies Helping You Out



Quick, efficient, and correct is the way society wants their jobs completed. Let’s face it, we don’t have time to complete all the boring time-wasting jobs we used to. Society is knocking down our door and asking for more jobs to be completed at a faster rate! Turn to these companies to make life easier. These twelve companies provide speedy and accurate services to make your company run smoothly.

1. ManageWatch 19


Developed in 2003, Manage Watch pivoted from the traditional managed services provider IT space by offering cloud based services to allow for small to midsize businesses to afford outsourced IT. They believe that the cloud area network (CAN) is the solution and future of IT. In the Cloud, servers, pc’s, help desk support, and much more is ran in order to reduce complexity, costs, and inefficiencies. Manage Watch believes three basic things: technology is good, companies must be responsive, and things should be easy. To succeed at both day-to-day Network Operations and managing IT change, Manage Watch believes you must have a reliable and effective Network.

2. Equity Technology Partners 18

Equity Technology Partners

Founded in Los Angeles in 2011, Equity Technology Partners began with a mission to help small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses get a real return on their technology investments.  They are opening another location in Chicago, Illinois, and are focused on building digital infrastructure in the IT niche for their clients so they can get ahead of the competition and achieve greater success.  Equity Technology Partners is an outsourced IT company based on long term relationships rather than short term solutions.  They are client centric and feel they have more to offer their clients than other companies.  Equity Technology Partners see trends including the growth of managed services coming away from an hourly call model to a fixed cost per month basis, voice over IP, and cloud based services.

3. Infolob 8


Blending service, technology, and results, Infolob is a wide-spectrum technology solutions provider with significant experience in diverse systems integration, cloud computing, big data, and managed services.  Founded in 2009, Infolob separated themselves from other competitors by heavily investing in their education and expertise while staying on top of the industry trends.  They know the internet is rapidly changing the way things get done, so they have a major analysis of big database platforms.  Enterprise apps like Oracle are moving from on premise to the cloud which is why Infolob is committed to delivering the right Oracle Technology solutions to societies’ growing demands.

4. CitySourced 5


CitySourced gives people the tools to focus on community and experience meaningful engagement. Through their app, CitySourced captures local problems or issues like vandalism or potholes in a community that can be instantly shared with public officials.  This app even took third place in TechCrunch.  At first, CitySourced had a political social network concept which then changed to providing applications that interface citizens with their local government.  CitySourced creates a quick and simple way to give insights on citizen engagement.

5. Inverse-Square 2


Developed in 2011 and based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, Inverse-Square created a custom software and web application development company.  They are a Microsoft technology shop that builds software to make business processes easier.  Their skill set separates them from their competitors, and they are able to separate themselves from other competitors by heavily investing in their education and expertise while staying on top of the industry trends.  Inverse-Square understands that the internet is radically changing the way jobs get done, which is why they hire proven leaders in the industry that have experience to analyze, implement, and solve client problems with efficient, practical solutions.  They want to make client’s lives easier, their work more effective, and their operations more efficient through unparalleled technology offerings.

6. BirdNest 2


Founded by Keith Frazier, BirdNest focuses on digital environmental reporting to state and regulatory agencies which alleviates the need for wasted time and effort.  BirdNest allows professionals to get a “bird’s eye” view of their business and easily understand the data that drives their business.  BirdNest collects accurate data from the field to compile compliance reports that need to be sent in to the state.  Instead of gathering the data from traditional pen and paper, the BirdNest mobile app collection software records all the data quickly and efficiently without wasted weeks of effort.

7. 7Staffing 1


Steve Brannon started up 7Staffing in 2003 creating a team that is committed to providing superior recruiting services in a timely manner.  7Staffing is a niche high end consulting firm that focuses on multiple six figure high tech positions.  They believe that analytics and the grouping of data is a new trend in the recruiting industry that is becoming more relationship driven instead of data driven.  7Staffing’s revolutionary recruitment process and strategies in Information Technology and Executive Search help people gain a competitive edge in providing better candidates for their search.

8. Zugara 1


In 2001, Zugara, an interactive marketing agency, developed award-winning interactive strategies and applications for brands like Sony, Toyota, Reebok, Lexus, Casio, The U.S. Air Force, and Hasbro.  Featured in TechCrunch and Time Magazine in 2008, Zugara focused on “augmented reality”.  Convinced that augmented reality was going to revolutionize the way society interacts with computers, they dedicated their time to create experiences that people loved, yet yielded measurable results.  They have patented software to assist online retailers using desktop computers and even have museum spaces where people can virtually try on clothing at events, which facilitates sales in those spaces. Their software is available for the web, events, and in-store retail.

9. Scubaba 1


After becoming frustrated with the process of creating relationships with local dive shops and how to connect new divers to them, Scubaba was created. Founded in 2012, Scubaba simplifies the process for making the sport simpler and more cost effective. Their dedicated team, who just so happens to be enthusiastic divers, helps dive shops locate and educate divers, while creating a more manageable and secure business. Not only does the Scubaba tool allow divers to quickly compare dive centers in specific areas, it also allows divers to easily reserve dives on dates of their choosing.

10. Beyond Payroll 1

Beyond Payroll

Beyond Payroll was founded in 2008, and is dedicated to focusing on the needs of their clients which they say are “choice and service.” Currently located in Indianapolis, Indiana, they are a one of a kind payroll broker that brokers, services, and implements payroll series, solutions, and becomes the primary contact for their clients. They serve the channel partner space and offer a higher level of support than competitors like ADP or Paychex. Beyond Payroll recognizes that outdated payroll systems are soon going away and will be replaced by newer technologies.

11. Lanshore 0


Lanshore has three branches in their business: Sales Performance Management, Energy trading risk management based software applications targeting SMB’s, and lead generation for companies.  Lanshore is set apart from other companies due to their ability to create successful lead generation marketing strategies.  Lanshore has lead generation, vendor evaluation, and implementation of marketing strategy, which puts them a step above competitors who usually do not cover all of these aspects of business.

12. Tech Info Group 0

Tech Info Group

The Tech Info Group is an IT services and management consultant that delivers a highly proficient and organized team, solutions that combine IT professionals with the latest monitoring and integration tools, and complete accountability for the performance of a network.  Founded in 2008, The Tech Info Group is centered around creating a uniquely tailored and dedicated IT Support structure for every client.  They are a meta services provider and have an outsourced IT department for not a piece but all of it if the client wants it.  They have Holistic IT outsourcing and integrators that help clients work with their project.  The Tech Info Group is team based and works in a variety of different industries.

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