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It's easier today to track your lifestyle than it has been in our entire lifetime. With the emergence of wearable technology and the ever growing access to information, we have more capabilities than we could have ever dreamt of in the past. You track your business thoroughly, seeing when the sales cycle begins and ends, how much you're putting into R&D and what your ROI is, so why wouldn't you track your personal life as well?
I am a firm believer in using wearable technology and other means to measure and ultimately improve our day to day lifestyle. After all, you only get one body and one life - you might as well make it worthwhile. Let's start with a simple example - sleep. We vary in sleep cycles hour to hour, day to day and year after year. Our sleep cycles are like snowflakes, similar from a macro stance but very different from a granular viewpoint. Sleep both in quantity and quality determines to a large extent what our mood and behavior is like. This critical element has gone to a large extent untracked to the average consumer. Now, this has all changed. You can track your sleep, exercise, eating habits and so much more. Just as we have had the ability to track our business and make it better, we now have the capability to do the same to our bodies both physically and mentally. 
The idea of tracking your life can be embraced when you have an ever-improving mindset. What can I do today to improve myself and the ones around me tomorrow? What can I reflect on and analyze that has happened in the past to either reproduce or redirect the feeling? It is this type of self-correcting mentality that allows entrepreneurs to thrive in a volatile environment. We are all under great stress, whether that is from our work lives, personal lives or both.  Just as we utilize data to operate our businesses efficiently and effectively, we can now integrate this philosophy into our personal lives. The ability to track important information about ourselves can be used for the greater good.  You may feel more alert, attentive to detail and open to opportunities throughout your day that promote wellness, both in the office and outside of it.  So I say, track your life, reflect on it and make tomorrow better than today. After all, it is you that creates your own destiny - you might as well make a great one. 


Posted by Richard Rodman
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