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Money, Money, Money, Monay, Monnnnay!

When it comes to personal or business banking, you might be thinking that every bank works the same way.  Well, that’s actually not always the case.  In fact, these 10 banks strive to do banking differently in order to meet and exceed all your financial needs.

Know any other banks we should have included?  Let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider it for our next list!

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1. 1st Summit Bank 0

1st Summit Bank has been through a lot since their opening in 1924, but they are still overcoming the hardships that the financial industry has thrown them.  Throughout the years they have expanded locations, grown in assets, and in 2013, they added mobile banking services.  1st Summit Bank also gives back to the community through volunteering in various services throughout their community.

2. Bank of Camilla 0

Bank of Camilla is the oldest bank in Mitchell County.  Although they still operate in their brick and mortar locations, Bank of Camilla is now online as well.  Deposits totaled $150,000 in 1916, $202840 by 1934, and by 1950, they passed the million dollar mark.  In December of 2013, the Statement of Condition reported assets totally $102.5 million. 

3. Bank of Bozeman 0

Bank of Bozeman’s mission is to be the premier community bank that serves the Gallatin Valley.  They believe that combining customer service with an exceptional banking experience is what matters most.  Serving customers with integrity, reliability, and understanding, Bank of Bozeman offers both personal and business banking services.

4. Bank of Alma 0

Bank of Alma is an independent bank, which allows them to make the right decisions in order for you to get the answers you need in a timely manner.  They work very hard to develop products and services that work best for locals.  They also offer online banking services in order to serve you anywhere, anytime.

5. Athens State Bank 0

Athens State Bank believes in investing in you so that you can invest in your future.  Since opening in 1910, Athens State Bank has been known for serving the local community – which hasn’t changed since then.  All of their retail bank facilities are full service and provide a wide array of products and services in order to meet and exceed customers’ wants and needs.

6. Andrew Johnson Bank 0

Andrew Johnson Bank is a community bank that has seven offices in East Tennessee.  The difference is that community banking means that the money is deposited into their bank and actually stays with the community in order to help finance local businesses and consumer loans.  By supporting schools, businesses, and organizations, Andrew Johnson Bank really gives back to their customers and community.  Modern financial products are offered, but what is most important is the customer.

7. Alliant 0

Alliant bank focuses on bringing solutions to your financial woes by offering services that can help you buy a new home, start a new business, fund your children’s education, or save for retirement.  While it could be easy to see customers as dollar signs, Alliant Bank strongly believes that they are partners with their communities, in order to help achieve people’s dreams and goals.  Their goal is to “Be the place you come to when you set out to achieve your dreams;” so what are you waiting for, partner with Alliant Bank today!

8. Adams Bank & Trust 0

Adams Bank & Trust is a family owned, regional bank that was founded in 1916.  While they don’t use the old technology of 1916, they do provide customers with the same personalized banking experience that was so common back in the day.  With financial products that are some of the most competitive in the industry, and a team of knowledgeable, friendly professionals, Adams Bank & Trust is a great partner for all your financial needs.

9. 21st Century Bank 0

21st Century Bank has been around for almost 100 years, which gives them the experience and know how in order to survive and prosper as a business.  While they are large enough to provide customers with a diverse set of financial products, they believe they have the small town feel that can deliver special personal customer service, which has so often been forgotten in today’s financial industry. 

10. Bank of Georgetown 0

Bank of Georgetown is committed to being the best community bank in the Washington metropolitan area that puts clients first.  Bank of Georgetown also partners with hundreds of local organizations in order to “build a better tomorrow.”   Whether you’re looking for business or personal banking, Bank of Georgetown can assist you with all your financial needs.

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