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Monday Massachusetts: 10 Bright Boston Companies

Today, we’re focusing on Boston, Massachusetts, where innovation seems to be at a high point. These companies are taking new approaches to their work, which is evident to us here at MeetAdvisors!

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1. Pingup 5

Pingup, the aggregated booking API, gives directories, local guides, maps, social networks, and search engines, the ability to add booking capabilities directly into mobile and web applications. This 24/7 access makes the process of booking appointments much easier for your clients.  Say your customer is reading a review of your hair salon -- they see the booking button and can instantly book an appointment without ever leaving the site or app they are on.  This real-time “book it now” scheduling puts the power in the customers hands by allowing them to schedule appointments on their mobile phones, rather than calling and hassling with both their schedule and your open appointment slots.   


2. WeSpire 1

WeSpire is an award-winning digital solution that uses persuasive technology to hook people on positive behavior changes. Their specialty is focused on engaging employees in corporate sustainability and social responsibility behaviors. Their mission is to help people take smart, healthy, efficient actions both at work, at home, and in their community.


3. Krash 1

Krash is a network of shared living spaces where members have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of innovation for community, membership, and fun. Short-term residents immerse themselves into these spaces, which are designed to facilitate collaboration and accelerate networking and development. Their mission is to drive residents’ success by providing an immersive learning experience that benefits all parties involved.


4. Trefis 1

Trefis helps you understand how a company’s products impact its stock price. Founded by MIT Engineers and former Wall Street analysts, they realized that most people do not truly understand the companies around them. In order to educate people, they have been working to research hundreds of facts to come up with the Trefis price estimate for each company’s stock to provide you with a good starting point.


5. EverTrue 0

EverTrue provides nonprofit advancement tools that help identify and prioritize prospects using capacity and affinity insights from social media integration. At the core of their business is building relationships, but that doesn’t stop with just customers, it extends to everyone involved in their work. Their mission is to build relationships in pursuit of a better world, and we think they are on the path to doing just that.


6. Dressformer 0

Dressformer is creating a revolution in online shopping through their 3D virtual fitting room plug-in for websites of clothing manufacturers, designers, and other online stores. As a business, it creates fewer returns, fewer refunds, increased conversion and time spent on client’s website, audience statistics, and much, much more! By creating realistic 3D avatars that customers can use to virtually try on the clothing before purchasing, Dressformer is the new way to buy clothes online.


7. Netotiate 0

Netotiate is introducing consumer psychologies and shopping behaviors to the web, while providing powerful SaaS solutions for eCommerce. Netotiate is changing the way companies promote and grow their sales online. Headed by a group of seasoned executives with global backgrounds in eCommerce, technology, and consumer psychology, their proactive approach helps businesses create a better shopping experience for online shoppers.


8. Sixcel 0

Sixcel empowers staffing firms to unleash next-generation technologies and deliver awesome experiences. With a team full of staffing industry veterans with expertise in technology, program management, digital, and experience, they help provide in-depth expertise in implementing technology. They unite insights, creativity, and technology in order to accelerate transformation in staffing firms.


9. Privy 0

Privy is transforming the way brick and mortar marketers build, nurture, and track customer relationships. Privy bridges the gap between online and in-store visits by going beyond impressions and clicks. This brings business owners the transparency to enhance customer loyalty.


10. Rifiniti 0

Rifiniti provides real-time business intelligence for managers of real estate and workplace services. For those who want to optimize their office assets, reduce their environmental footprint, and maximize employee productivity, innovation, and satisfaction, Rifiniti would be a great partner for you. Their web-based software platform, Optimo, measures actual space utilization, total cost of occupancy, and more. Not only does their solution provide highly accurate information, but it also provides predicative analytics.


Know any other Boston companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider it for our next list!

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