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Modern Monday: 10 Innovative Companies

From technology to dating to entrepreneurs and more, you can never be too innovative.  Here at MeetAdvisors, we’ve found these companies to be doing just that: innovating.  Here are 10 we’ll be keeping our eye on!

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1. VIDA 1209

VIDA provides quantitative CT image analysis as a service to aid clinicians in early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of pulmonary diseases.   As a leader in clinically-validated quantitative pulmonary analysis services and software, they are actively involved with the Quantitative Imaging and Imaging Biomarker initiative.  Recently, they received $2.5 million in funding – we can’t wait to see how they continue revolutionizing treatment.


2. Thanx 1053

Thanx helps you identify, engage, and retain your best customers by reducing churn by providing effortless retention marketing.  Their mission is to improve loyalty programs through the use of data.  No integration is required, your customers just need a phone and credit or debit card to use it, and you can measure your campaigns.  Thanx, an idea of mutually beneficial relationships, has helped merchants in 30 states.


3. SingldOut 868

SingldOut is an exclusive dating site that connects single professionals via LinkedIn profiles.  They are the first online dating site to bridge the gap between digital and biological worlds of Love.  Matching is done by using the latest genetic and psychological scientific research to help you find the most ideal partner that you have the best chances of having a long-lasting relationship with.


4. Moogsoft 331

Moogsoft invented Incident.MOOG, which is a next-generation manager of managers that identifies service-impacting situations faster in order to deliver dramatic improvements in IT service quality.  Their unique patent-pending technologies are creating powerful ITOM-ITSM synergies that no legacy system can match.  Their dedicated team is shaping the future of service assurance from a customer perspective.


5. Eversnap 96

Eversnap, an iOS and Android mobile app, collects the photos that your guests take and uploads them to a beautiful online album that you can view and share with others.  They’ve been at over 50,000 events in more than 1000 US Cities and over 50 countries.  Eversnap Pro Photography provides experienced photographers for any of your events throughout the Bay Area, at a flat rate.  The Pro version uses technology to collect all attendee’s photos and videos in one album, and also live streams your event.


6. Prosper Women Entrepreneurs 89

After realizing that there was a huge entrepreneur gender gap in the St. Louis region, a small group of business leaders, thinkers, doers, innovators, and students decided to make sure that their community was well positioned in the new economy.  Specifically, that women entrepreneurs would be a vital part of the community’s future.  Prosper Women Entrepreneurs has two divisions – Prosper Institute and Prosper Capital.  Prosper Institute, a non-profit organization, focuses on training and mentoring in women in the entrepreneurial community.  Prosper Capital, a for-profit organization focuses on increasing women entrepreneurs’ access to growth capital.


7. Abacus 82

Abacus is the simplest way to manage and pay business expenses.  With expense reports available on mobile in real-time, managers can approve on their phone and transfer funds.  Employees no longer need to do expense reports and they submit requests as they happen by using the data around them to prepopulate the information for them.  Employees are immediately paid, which means they no longer wait for the money.


8. BetterWorks 74

BetterWorks began with a simple idea – to help innovate companies become operationally excellent, while providing them with technology that lets people reach their full potential at work.  High performing companies trust them to engage, empower, and cross-functionally align their workforces. 


9. Blue Belt Tech 74

Blue Belt Tech was founded on the principle that patient care can be improved through advancing technology and the capability of surgeons’ tools.  By creating strong relationships within the physician community, they are able to collaborate on a broad range of applications, which include hip, knee, spine, and skull-based opportunities.  Their proprietary technology helps improve minimally invasive techniques and their commitment to patients is their first priority.


10. Datanyze 23

Datanyze is a sales prospecting tool powered by technology data, which lets you know who’s trying your competitors’ software.  Their products maximize your efficiency and effectiveness as a salesperson; their alerts show you who added or dropped any of their tracked web technologies on any given day.  Their system also lets you filter to find websites, particular technologies, or recent changes in a certain location.  Their list of services goes on, but their main focus is on their customers needs.

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