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Modern Monday: 9 Cool Companies

When you think of all the businesses you would describe yourself as a loyal customer to…how many would you say are old school or modern?  These 10 modern companies have done a great job keeping up with technology and making the most of its opportunities.  Check out their innovative ideas and let us know how you stay current in the comments below!

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1. Charity: Water 0

Charity: Water works to reinvent charity while bringing clean drinking water to over 800 million people who live without it. In order to do this, they search for inspiring organizations who are providing long-lasting water and sanitation services – then they fund their most successful programs. Charity: Water, a non-profit organization, takes a unique approach to collecting donations. They give you access to follow these projects on a daily journey through their interactive Dollars to Projects map.

2. Lumosity 0

The Lumosity team believes that helping people keep their brains challenged is beneficial to people of all ages, which is why they created a simple, online tool to allow anyone to exercise core cognitive abilities. Their solution is the most popular brain training program, which has been backed up by 7 published studies. These powerful exercises come in the form of games that allow users to live better, brighter lives. 


3. Mintel 0

Mintel gives you insights behind your next big idea by researching and analyzing data.  Mintel is award-winning, independent, and global – you can trust their opinions.  They know markets well and use innovative ideas to make personal impacts.  Their strife for excellence makes them stand out for the power of data. Although they are consistently growing, their work culture inspires creativity and autonomy while embracing the entrepreneurial spirit.


4. Telos Group 0

The Telos Group specializes in re-imagining marketing and leasing of commercial office properties. Their dedicated team provides consulting services for real estate businesses nationwide as well. Their goal-driven solutions are possibly by creatively repositioning properties to maximize their hidden potential. Recently, the Telos Group won the Greater Chicago Food Depository award for Office Representative of the Year for two consecutive years! Their name, Telos, is of Greek origin, meaning “The ultimate end of a goal-oriented process.”


5. JMC Steel Group 0

JMC Steel Group is the largest independent pipe and tube manufacturer in North America.  While they produce approximately 2.5 million tons of pipe and tube annually, they pride themselves on having the knowledge and expertise to deliver clients with all of their steel pipe and tube solutions across the continent and around the globe. By constantly upgrading technology and employing a highly knowledgeable and committed staff, JMC Steel Group is able to keep the values of their company at the forefront while bring high quality solutions to their customers.


6. World Kitchen, LLC 0

World Kitchen, LLC manufactures all kinds of kitchen and household items that are known and trusted around the world. With a global team of 3000 employees, they have access to experienced industry leaders, which help make their products innovative to meet the needs of the evolving home. Leaders who are committed to growing through innovative products and outstanding customer service foster their collaborative nature. Some of their products include CorningWare, Pyrex, Chicago Cutlery, and many, many, more.


7. Redfrog Events 0

After being inspired by the show “The Amazing Race,” founder Joe Reynolds decided to create unique, fun events that everyone could enjoy.  Redfrog Events has been doing just that ever since and has launched numerous brands. In 2007, their dedicated team launched Great Urban Races in Illinois, and during the next year, they expanded Great Urban Race across the country.  In 2009, Warrior Dash launched and quickly sold out and was expanded internationally in 2011. They have continued to expand and we can’t wait to see what they do next!


8. Codarica 0

Codarica creates fun coding games catered towards children as young as six years old by using the power of gameplay and storytelling. They introduce children to programming through a project-based curriculum and believe that kids all over the world get a head start in the world of coding at an early age. The Codarica team enjoys working with children and believes that they have the potential to excel and thrive at whatever crosses their path, but only if they are taught in the right way.   


9. Fairlife 0

Fairlife is a health and wellness company with a mission to fuel life with strength and vitality. Their products concentrate on the good things like protein and calcium while filtering out fat and sugars. This allows them to bottle only delicious, nutrient-rich milk with no added protein powders or synthetic ingredients. But their innovation doesn’t just stop with creating healthier lactose free milk products, they are also committed to providing nutritious innovation to restaurants, cafes, and schools.


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