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Mobile Monday: 9 Apps To Download

We all spend so much time on mobile devices; whether it’s our phone or tablets, we have become pretty connected to the technology of today.  But, without mobile apps, this technology is pretty much useless.  These fun mobile apps will enhance your mobile experience, and can even influence your life outside of the mobile sphere.  Here are 10 apps worth downloading!

Know any other mobile apps we should have included?  Let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider it for our next list!

Make sure to vote for your favorite app!  The company with the most votes could be featured with MeetAdvisors!

1. Peach 10

Peach provides users a new way to shop designer fashion and luxury by holding private auctions for high quality goods from designer brands.  Bids last for just nine minutes, so bidding as soon as you see something you love is a must.  Another unique feature is that you always pay the second highest offer.  Download their app for iOS and Android, today!

2. RadPad 3

RadPad is making renting easier than ever by allowing renters to pay with debit or credit cards, even if your landlord doesn’t use RadPad.  Not only does RadPad assist in paying for your apartment, it also gives you an opportunity to find your perfect apartment.  Through their mobile platform, they provide you with at least three accurate photos of the apartment, real-time messaging, and simple search tools.

3. Flint 2

Flint is a mobile payment service that is built for small businesses in order to make accepting credit cards easier while increasing customer engagement.  The iOS and Android app allows users to take credit cards without a card reader by scanning payments.  The all-inclusive platform also offers digital coupons to facilitate customer loyalty and referrals, as well as a merchant portal that allows tracking of purchase behaviors.    

4. Luxe 1

Luxe is making parking a whole lot easier with their application for iOS devices.  Simply download the app, type where you’re going, and an experienced valet will be there to park your car.  Then, the valet will park your car in a secured lot, wash, and fuel it.  When you’re ready to leave your venue, simply tell them where you’d like to pick up your car and they will deliver it anywhere you wan in San Francisco!

5. Capshare Media 1

Capshare Media allows you to capture multimedia, organize it, edit, and share it to the cloud, friends, or people of common interests.  This unique iOS and Android app lets you make interactive movies by using your pictures, videos, text, captions, effects, and favorite music.  Their easy-to-use app will help you create multimedia slideshows in no time.

6. Playhaven 0

Playhaven, which was recently acquired by Science Inc., is a mobile gaming monetization platform that is equip with deep user segmentation.  Playhaven’s non-incentivized ads reach over 250 million monthly active users in 223 countries.  They develop full-screen interstitial ads, which help maximize user engagement by capturing attention.  The Playhaven team works with 90% of the top grossing iOS and Android games.

7. Fountain 0

Fountain helps you whenever you’re stuck on a problem by connecting you to an expert who can help.  What kind of help you ask?  They can connect you to experts in home and garden topics, including gardening, plumbing, design and more!  In just five minutes you can connect via 1-on-1 video chat, text, and photos with annotation.  Sometimes, you need to actually talk to an expert, not just search the Internet for an answer.    

8. Fleksy 0

Fleksy, a mobile typing application for iOS and Android, is the fastest keyboard in the world.  Its beautify design allows users to type quickly and accurately.  With an extremely customizable keyboard, users are able to make it just how they would like it.  Download Fleksy and experience a whole new typing experience on your mobile device!

9. Mogl 0

Mogl is dedicated to creating a better restaurant reward program.  You link your credit and debit card to the app for free in order to get rid of the hassle of coupons and loyalty cards, then you check for real-time offers at restaurants near you.  Simply enjoy your mean and pay with your linked debit or credit card – you’ve instantly gained rewards at this point.  The choice is yours to what you do with your reward, but you can get cash-back, donate to a fundraiser or create your own, or simply earn points for airlines, hotels, and other common point based reward systems.

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