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Community Blog / MeetAdvisors with Tim Hines, Founder of BTSocial and CurbNinja

Yesterday, we had the chance to speak with Tim Hines, founder of BTSocial and CurbNinja
BTSocial is media company, specifically geared at business travelers. BTSocial offers easy to digest content for travelers on the go. Their mission is to help business travelers achieve a superior travel experience, by providing them with the right information to do so. 
CurbNinja is a tool to help motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts find and share the best places to park in busy urban areas. It also gives riders the ability to share spots they find in the community. 
In addition to his two start-ups, Hines is working on a new project with Ms. Tech, called Pitch Training Camp. Pitch Training Camp is a 6-week public speaking program, which helps entrepreneurs master their pitching skills. They cover topics such as content, delivery, and visuals. When the course ends, entrepreneurs are able to showcase their perfected 5-minute pitch in public. These innovators call it "Opening Day". 
Hines is an innovator, but more importantly, a mentor. And we greatly appreciate that kind of quality here at MeetAdvisors.

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