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MeetAdvisors’ Entrepreneur of the Month Contest Kicks Off!

Correct us if we’re wrong, but here are a few things we believe every budding entrepreneur would be psyched about:


1. Telling someone about their brilliant idea

2. Sharing their idea to gain interest and attention from a larger network of other smart, business-minded individuals

3. Getting some help to get that brilliant idea started



Entrepreneurs, we hear you.


 And, thus! MeetAdvisors is officially announcing their Entrepreneur of the Month contest!


Here’s the deal: Each month, we will select an entrepreneur who is awesome and award them a prize of $2,000 worth of digital marketing services (from Chicago’s very own Digital Marketing and PR Agency, Mabbly) to help them with their business endeavors.  What kind of awesome?  It could be an entrepreneur who is in the midst of getting their start-up company going.  It could be an entrepreneur who has revolutionized an existing company or product with a fresh idea.  It could be a student who is studying new, cutting-edge methods of entrepreneurship, has started their initiative and wants to expand their business idea beyond campus. Entrepreneurs, the world is your oyster.



To submit:

  • Tweet to us @MeetAdvisors with the hashtag #EntContest
  • The Top 10 entrepreneurs and/or companies with the most retweets will be selected as finalists
  • MeetAdvisors will be in touch with the finalists to get more information about their company, and select a winner by the end of the month!


So tell us who you are.  Share your ideas.  Get your business the retweets and attention it deserves, and get the some digital marketing support.  Because, Entrepreneurs, we think you’re pretty brilliant. 




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