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Medical Sector Improves Operations by Leveraging eCommerce Support Services

One of the biggest business trends going into 2015 for both large and small businesses is outsourcing non-core activities. The medical industry is at the forefront of this movement, outsourcing many essential tasks that are best and quickest done by a third party. As a result, there is a burgeoning market in medical industry support services.

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical offices, and even health insurance companies are looking to eCommerce medical support companies to manage sensitive information, oversee supply inventory, and ensure regulatory compliance. It is not always wise for these medical establishments to hire personnel to take care of these tasks, especially small businesses, and it’s more cost effective to outsource the job to an experienced third party. 

This space is expected to grow, as the U.S. population is an aging one so hospitals and other medical businesses need to adequately serve an increasing influx of people while keeping the business efficient and costs low. Below are this sector’s three leading eCommerce medical support service providers, dominating this exploding market. 

1. Health Catalyst 1

Health Catalyst is a healthcare data warehouse service. Its suite of products, applications, and services are a part of its scalable Analytic Adoption Model, which provides secure and compliant data management for healthcare institutions. Health Catalysts data storage, management, and analytics solutions have landed it big-name clients like Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Kaiser Permanente, The University of Kansas Medical Center, and more. 

2. Henry Schein Medical 0

Henry Schein Medical makes it easier than ever for hospitals, medical centers, and nursing facilities to manage supply inventory. Henry Schein started out 78 years ago, well before the internet revolutionized how business is done, but the company has stepped up as an efficient eCommerce medical supplier and online inventory management service. Henry Schein supplies surgical equipment, medical lab materials, specialty products, and management services to clients in 190 countries. 

3. Omnicell 0

Omnicell provides a supply management system that can reduce inventory consumption by 32 percent. This eCommerce medical supply company also manages supply usage, making charge capture consistent while keeping medical facilities compliant with industry and federal regulations. Omnicell is a one-stop-shop for hospitals, clinics, and medical offices because it offers quality medical supplies via a convenient online management and order portal. 

Michael Noble is the CEO of Apruve. Apruve is a payment platform designed for B2B eCommerce. From handling purchasing approval to streamlining POs, Apruve streamlines complicated B2B payment workflows and corporate account management so merchants can better focus on growing their business, not how they'll get paid.

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