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Managing your investment well

Managing your investment well



Managing investments for a business is difficult work. This is why these companies provide the service for you. They help investment, manage, and advise for all types of business transactions. Their work helps companies grow, reach more investors, and create beneficial networking opportunities. All of them provide unique solutions to common problems all over the world.

1. Bids Trading 0

Bids Trading

Bids Trading Lp offers anonymous brokerage solutions. This way, people can find good investment counterparties without explaining trading goals. They are a conglomerate of banks that deal in large blocks of shares. They provide an industry service where everything remains anonymous.

2. Guide Cap Partners 0

Guide Cap Partners

Guide Cap Partners is a middle-market bank that focuses on mergers, acquisitions, financings, fairness opinions and valuations. They have worked on over 250 assignments, which value over $10 billion. They provide investment banking options such mergers and capital raises, valuations on company, equity, and intangibles, and fairness options to help board of directors decide on a fair or unfair transaction. 

3. Daniels Trading 0

Daniels Trading

Daniels Trading is a Chicago futures brokerage firm founded by Andy Daniels in 1995. Their main focus is on independence, objectivity and reliability. They are an independent firm that offers you more choices so you can create several accounts with different trading firms all through the same place. Their focus on objectivity will provide you with the best fit and allows them to be honest with you about your financial goals. They also work on being completely reliable so you know they can be trusted.

4. Stoneridge Investment Partners LLC 0

Stoneridge Investment Partners LLC

Stoneridge Investment Partners LLC was founded in 1999 in Philadelphia, PA. They offer offer fixed-income investments to employee benefits, public pension, and endowment funds. They have managed over $10 billion dollars. Their three focuses of customer service are to be client focused, a good community citizen, and empower employees.

5. LP Funding 0

LP Funding

LP Funding, or LPF Communications, works with customers to reach their company’s goals. They help clients find investors and market their companies. They operate under the idea that the best way to secure investors would be to increase visibility. They help clients get in front of the right audience through innovative marketing techniques.

6. Integrated Capital Management 0

Integrated Capital Management

Integrated Capital Management provides outsourced investment management services. They are used to working with top investors and clients of all size. Founded in 2004, they have managed over $775 million in investments. They work as an independent and objective company to give their clients the best, most honest, financial advice.

7. Nova Capital Partners 0

Nova Capital Partners

Nova Capital Partners is a worldwide investment company that focuses on thinking ahead. They have a strong presence in Africa, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Singapore, and Brazil. They work with both private and public companies to secure financing, navigate mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and more.

8. JW Burns 0

JW Burns

JW Burns provides investment counseling from Syracuse, New York. They provide themselves on doing their own research so they don’t have to rely on any Wall Street “experts.” They have over 600 clients and manage over $350 million. Since they have been around since 1974, they have plenty of experience and expertise to provide for their client.

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