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Manage, Engage, Communicate – 10 Up and Coming CRM Companies

Manage, Engage, Communicate – 10 Up and Coming CRM Companies



Customer relationship management, otherwise known as CRM, allows businesses a way to manage interactions with current and future customers.  While all of these data points can sometimes get messy and lost, these companies are dedicated to keeping all your information organized and handy.  Check out these 10 up and coming CRM software companies, but don’t forget to vote for your favorite company!

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1. AMC Technology 10

AMC Technology

AMC Technology is a global leader in contact center and CRM integration, with nearly 20 years of experience.  Their products allow businesses to efficiently manage all types of customer relations while delivering superior levels of customer service.  As a market leader in providing contact center integration expertise, AMC delivers integration software to companies that understand the benefits of connecting multi-channel communications to the applications they use.  AMC believes giving back to the community is very important; therefore, they are active in several professional/industry associations. 


2. Microlog 1


Microlog delivers flexible, reliable, and scalable business communication solutions, which help clients achieve interactive, enhanced customer engagement.  Their team of professionals integrates voice, email, SMS text, IVR, customer knowledge management, and more in order to provide the best integrated communication solutions. 

3. thinkingphones 1


By providing award-winning cloud unified communication solutions that allows you to move all of your voice, video, text, and collaboration apps into a single mobile-ready cloud platform, thinkingphones has been an innovator in the UCaaS space since 2006.  Cloud communications is taking over outdated telecommunication equipment, check out thinkingphones today!



SEDONA CRM is the financial industry’s easiest-to-implement, yet most advanced CRM tool available.  Their solution helps financial institutions obtain quick, tangible customer relationship results, which helps grow a more profitable and loyal customer base.  Their comprehensive, easy to use software is the only CRM technology and support system on the market that is as strong as it is.  SEDONA believes that giving back is important, thus the reason they provide CRM and related technologies for the community and regional financial institutions. 

5. BuilderFusion 0


BuilderFusion, ranked the 11th fastest-growing software company in the nation by Inc. magazine, allows you to virtually manage every aspect of your business operations.  Their full suite of capabilities addresses the unique business, relationship, and communication needs of builder and contractor associations.  BuilderFusion eliminates challenges by leveraging the power of the Internet to automate day-to-day administration and also strengthen relationships and communications. 

6. NEHANET Corporation 0

NEHANET Corporation

NEHANET Corporation is a privately held diversified business management software and services company that provides customers with a set of over 24 completely customizable enterprise applications that optimize a broad set of business processes.  By working closely with you from the very beginning, the team has the ability to really get to know your business and help you with your goals.  The modular architecture allows customers to select SaaS services or use the applications in house.  These applications are based on Web 2.0 technologies in order to drive an easy user experience, which is fully integrated with leading CRM and ERP/MRP solutions.

7. Customer Relationship Metrics 0

Customer Relationship Metrics

Customer Relationship Metrics is the most complete and trusted high performance VoC consultant center industry.  Their team works together to bring you the best solution to deliver more positive experiences that drive ROI and lower costs.  Solutions are designed with you in mind in order to best serve your needs, as well.  Their dedication to building strong relationships makes them a good candidate to partner with.

8. Commence Corporation 0

Commence Corporation

Commence Corporation, “The most trusted name in CRM,” is a leading provider of CRM and Business Process Automation software.  By providing a diverse suite of customer management solutions, they are able to integrate people, processes, and technology in a way that improves business performance.  By never settling with their current version, Commence Corporation is always looking for ways to improve their services.

9. Avidian Technologies 0

Avidian Technologies

Avidian Technologies is a CRM software development company that provides small to mid-sized businesses with highly functional, yet simple CRM solutions that are fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook.  With more than 9000 global customers, Avidian Technologies has also had the privilege to have their CRM software certified by the United States government for the purpose of managing the government’s constituent management functions. 

10. SalesLogix 0


SalesLogix, Outlook 2 CRM solution, allows clients to communicate with all their customers via e-mail.  This simple to use software allows you to create and update records in SalesLogix easily, with a click of a button.  Their customizable solution makes customers happy.

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