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Made in Chicago.

Making Dreams a Reality

Making Dreams a Reality

By: Staci Chesler


Each one of us has a dream, something we believe in. It’s those dreams, that often push us forward, propelling us to do great things, with the ultimate goal of making our dreams come true. In life you have two choices. You can be someone with a dream, or you can be someone who makes that dream a reality. It takes time, requires a lot of dedication and persistence, and most importantly extreme passion. Check out these five companies, who did everything they could to make their dream a reality:

1. Game Golf 93

Game Golf

After six years and some serious dedication, Game Golf became a reality in 2014. CEO John McGuire dreamed of merging his two passions together, technology and performance. In 2010 he moved from Ireland to San Francisco to make his dream come to life. Game Golf collects data, allowing players to gain further insight on how their day to day game is, which ultimately will help players improve. Today their product is being used in 100 countries, on over 18,000 golf courses worldwide, and is permitted in tournament play. Game Golf works closely with the PGA of America and Golf Channel, both of whom believe in this technology, creating a new platform for the game of golf, and inspiring players to play more.


Game Golf CEO, John McGuire shared, “Persistence outweighs everything. It doesn’t matter what your education is, it doesn’t matter how intelligent your are.The startup journey is full of ups and downs, highs and lows and you just have to persist through it.”

2. YouEye 34


Located right in the heart of Silicon Valley, YouEye is a team full of passionate, dedicated, and overall supportive people. The YouEye “family” is changing the market research game, creating the world’s first Experience Analytics Platform. This platform gives customers an insight into the wide-ranging patterns in customer sentiment and behavior. Making a bigger impact on market research than ever before, they quickly realized that although putting analytics on video may be difficult, the SaaS solution they had built was not only effective at capturing video, but amazingly effective at structuring coding and running analytics. YouEye delivers cutting edge technology, giving you the right tools to track customer feedback, emotions, behaviors, and most importantly illuminating conversation.


YouEYE CEO, Malcolm Stewart shared, “Very actively listen to your customers and explore with them, what your solution can do to help them. There is so much learning you can do and your customers will tell you ways of using your solution you never even thought of.”

3. Roost 4


Roost CEO, Jon Gillon shared, “Don't work on an idea unless it keeps you up night. The difference between an idea and a passion is the inability to not, not work on it. If you don't have that you're likely to burn out. You have to be passionate about what you're doing.” It is this kind of passion, that launched Jon Gillon full speed ahead with Roost. After his brother moved to town with no where to store his belongings, he quickly realized the high demand for  inexpensive storage in a trustworthy place. Whether you’re an empty nester looking to fill space, a college student looking for extra money, or a contractor looking to store your tools, Roost will help you out.  They will be sure to find you the most convenient storage spot, save you money, and to top it off they’ll move your stuff for free. With a bright future ahead, Jon Gillon and his team are more than excited to scale nationwide this October.

4. BlankLabel 3


Today, men are more fashionable than ever before. They care about what they’re wearing, how they look, and most importantly how their clothes fit. In 2010, CEO Fan Bi began his journey into the world of customized clothing. What started as an online service, that has now created over 60,000 custom shirts, has expanded onto streets of Boston. BlankLabel opened the doors to their first store in 2013 and they are growing at a rapid rate. They believe that when you dress well, you feel even better and there is no reason to pay high prices to do so. Their mission is provide high quality clothing with a personalized fit, for a reasonable price. Shop online or stop by their store, to experience a one-on-one fitting with a menswear specialist.


BlankLabel CEO, Fan Bi shared, “Having and developing deep knowledge of the industry is really important. If you're thinking of starting a company, do everything you can to research the dynamic of the industry, and you’ll be even stronger.”

5. HeyZap 2


In 2008 when CEO Jude Gomila moved from London to the US, he began an eight year journey with HeyZap. In that time they’ve raised nine million dollars of VC capital, and have gone through a couple different evolutions. Today, HeyZap is doing the best they’ve ever done, becoming one of the best mediation solutions and mobile developer tools. Their is to mission to create the biggest mobile advertising company. Using unique design, and intelligent targeting, combined with refined algorithms to predict what users are looking for, they are doing just that.

HeyZap CEO, Jude Gomila shared, “People need to spend a bit longer, figuring out what they really want to do and if they’ll be passionate about it down the line. Follow your passions, not just the money.”

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