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Maddock Douglass – Innovating Thought Leadership “Empowering What’s Next”

Maddock Douglas is an innovating consulting firm based in Elmhurst Illinois. Their motto is, “We Empower Next”. The firm achieves this through an innovative thought leadership team that cultivates a culture of innovation. They help companies grow their business, cultivate their innovative capabilities and develop their implementation confidence. While many firms focus on one of these, Maddock Douglass focuses on all three but most importantly, the integration of:

  • The generation of new thinking and new ideas as a strategic foundation
  • The transformation of organizational/cultural attitudes, behaviors and processes
  • The activation, implementation and launch of ideas (e.g., products, services, experiences)

Maddock Douglass defines and believes in “Mind-To-Market Innovation”. Defined as an approach which is the resulting intersection of generation, transformation and activation. This is a key strategy in their approach to helping leaders who are seeking growth as an outcome for their organizations. To create this outcome, they empower companies to create agile cultures where innovation thrives and results in industry-shifting products, services, experiences and business models.

Maddock Douglass employs a process that helps you better understand your core competencies and leverage the power of your organization and your brand. They work with you and your team to explore and identify the unmet and unexpressed needs of your customers. They imbue an outside perspective from their vast Global Expert Network.

Maddock Douglass believes ideas are the “seeds” of innovation and culture is the “soil.” Launching an innovation initiative without preparing your culture would be tantamount to scattering seeds on unprepared soil — little to nothing will take root. We help clients design and co-create strategic road maps to ensure the following six pillars (needed for a culture of innovation to thrive) are in place for companies to deliver what’s next.

Maddock Douglass takes a three-phase approach to moving an idea from written concept to launching in market. The phases are designed to de-risk the implementation from drifting away from the original insight and focusing the implementation on efficiently solving for the consumer tension. They will help you mature your ideas past the concept stage with an array of services including: experience workshop facilitation, rapid prototyping, customer journey mapping, information architecture, UI design, branding and marketing/communications. 

Maddock Douglass goes beyond evolutionary change and truly seeks “what’s next” for organizations to help them create the future of their industry and sustain the will, desire and need for growth. 

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