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Looking for an Investor? Look No Further!

Looking for an Investor? Look No Further!



Have a great idea for a company but can’t find any funding for it?  Finding someone to invest in your growing company can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re on the ground stage.  However, these venture capital companies will help you not only during your initial stage, but also throughout the whole cycle of funding.  Here are 11 we’ll be keeping our eye on!

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1. Greycroft Partners 3

Greycroft Partners

Greycroft Partners is a venture capital partnership that formed in order to invest in the world’s most promising Internet and mobile companies.  They serve the founders and investors, who have chosen them as partners, by building large, successful businesses.  While Greycroft Partners has a dedicated team of staff to work with the partners, they believe that both parties benefit from active, hands-on assistance from all partners involved.

2. IDG Ventures Pacific 1

IDG Ventures Pacific

IDG Ventures Pacific focuses on early stage new media, consumer Internet, and enterprise IT companies.  Their many years of experience give them a proven track record of their expertise and success.  Each relationship is built with care and is custom depending on the companies needs.  Their typical investment is $1 million to $5 million per round, with further participation in subsequent private rounds.

3. Quaker Partners 1

Quaker Partners

Quaker Partners is an investment firm that specializes in healthcare investments for companies at any stage of development.  The funds that they manage pursue a venture capital and growth strategy.  Their areas of industry expertise include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare services, and medical technologies such as devices, tools, and human diagnostics.  Since the beginning of their company, Quaker Partners has had a high amount of impact on healthcare companies. 

4. Cardinal Partners 0

Cardinal Partners

Cardinal Partners has been one of the leading venture capital partnerships that focuses exclusively on healthcare investing.  Their specialty lies in early stage financing rounds, usually, as the lead investor in the initial financing round of growing a company.  Their commitment to innovation and excellence in the healthcare industry helps improve the lives of millions.  Cardinal Partners creates long-lasting relationships and partnerships with entrepreneurs, scientists, clinicians, engineers, and investors in order to help build great companies from great ideas.

5. SJF Ventures 0

SJF Ventures

SJF Ventures is a venture capital partnership agency that provides equity financings from $1 to $10 million, solo or in syndicates, to companies seeking growth capital.  When assessing investment opportunities, they are highly selective in identifying teams, markets, and business models that can help you achieve rapid sales, strong profitability, and premium exits.  They especially love to partner with entrepreneurs who re committed to positively impacting the world through the business that they are creating.

6. Legacy Capital Management, Inc. 0

Legacy Capital Management, Inc.

Legacy Capital Management, Inc. provides comprehensive investment management services to help high net worth individuals and families achieve their financial goals.  Not only do they invest, they also do so through superior service in order to build a relationship on trust and confidence.  As an independent, privately owned firm, Legacy Capital Management, Inc. has an investment process that is found at much larger institutions, while still delivering you the attention to detail that you can only receive from a boutique.

7. Cardinal Venture Capital 0

Cardinal Venture Capital

Cardinal Venture Capital is an investing company that specializes in early stage technology and software companies.  Their four areas of interest include digital media, financial technology, mobility, and software-as-a-service (SaaS).  Their extreme focus allows them to hone their skills into these four specific areas, which allows them to build strong networks in those areas of expertise.  They strive to be a hands-on partner to help you build a successful company.

8. Aberdare Ventures 0

Aberdare Ventures

Aberdare Ventures is an investment company who invests in transformational healthcare companies, extraordinary people, and technologies.  They believe that transformational healthcare companies means smarter, less costly, and more efficient – not just better because the needs of the current healthcare industry are urgent and need immediate solutions.  Their new product solutions often draw on skills, technologies, and managers who threaten to disrupt multiple existing industries in order to change the healthcare industry in a positive way.

9. Red Rock Ventures 0

Red Rock Ventures

Red Rock Ventures is a venture capital partner company who works with early stage entrepreneurs in order to help them build large, successful businesses.  All of Red Rock Venture’s partners have operated backgrounds and are focused on helping entrepreneurs develop high quality software, selling those products, and recruiting a top management team.  For over 30 years, the Red Rock Venture team has created substantial market value and investor returns.

10. Montreux Equity Partners 0

Montreux Equity Partners

Montreux Equity Partners is a private investment firm that is focused on making growth capital investments in leading companies.  Their portfolio companies address the most compelling domestic and global trends in health, and they are currently investing out of their fifth fund.  The focus on commercial stage companies that possess highly unique products, technologies, and services, allows Montreux Equity Partners to invest $10 to $20 million per company, which helps fuel product expansion, new market entry, and strategic acquisitions.

11. Reservoir Venture Partners 0

Reservoir Venture Partners

Reservoir Venture Partners is a venture based capital firm located in Columbus, Ohio.  They bring capital, business building acumen, and a strong network of advisors to entrepreneurs and their teams.  With their strong support from local institutions and their potential to help commercialize technology, Reservoir Venture Partners can serve as a catalyst to dramatically increase access to capital for promising companies.

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