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Logical and Simple Ways To Grow & Expand Your Business

Logical and Simple Ways To Grow & Expand Your Business



Are you a growing business or startup? Do you ever feel like your business has paused in its progression? When you fall into that pit, as a founder or owner of your company, it is your responsibility to bring your company to higher ground, and encourage rapid growth. Sometimes, even the greatest leaders are faced with challenges in which they need guidance tackling. Here are seven logical and simple ways to expand your business, whether you’re in a rut or not:

1. Vibby 24


We started Vibby with a simple mission: to help the world make the most of video. To change what has until today been a one-dimensional interaction, into an engaging, social and flexible experience. Originally, we came together with a shared desire to make learning from online video more efficient, but we soon realized that current technologies do not allow us to understand video interaction at a deep enough level. This is where Vibby comes in. Vibby is a fast-growing video platform that enables users to highlight, share and discuss the best parts of any online video, thereby making content more engaging, as well as providing invaluable analytics on user interaction at a very granular level.


His advice? “Get a great group of advisors that will help you focus and block out the noise that distracts and slows down all entrepreneurs. Focus is without a doubt the most important thing to success.” - Ari Cohen, CEO

2. Michael Management Corporation 9

Michael Management Corporation

Michael Management Corporation is a leading innovator and provider of SAP training, SAP Access and eLearning with over 1000 lessons online. Our online SAP training courses are used by many Fortune 500 companies around the world to train their users on SAP know-how. Simply: We create awesome SAP eLearning.


His advice? “Everything you do in your business, every task and decision must be guided by where you want to go. Each team member and every decision should be focused on getting the organization to the goal.” - Thomas Michael, CEO

3. Howell Consulting Group 6

Howell Consulting Group

Howell Consulting Group is a national healthcare consulting firm that provides Revenue Cycle Management, Health Information Technology, and Revenue Cycle Billing & Collection services to hospitals and physician practices nationwide. Our highly trained healthcare consultants provide a unique perspective on a wide range of important business issues that affect revenue cycle operations.


Howell’s advice? “Always understand your client and find the incremental gaps. When you realize the difference between where they are and where you need to be, you will be a successful partner to them.” - Dominique Bryant-Howell, President & CEO

4. Apex Leadership Coaching 3

Apex Leadership Coaching

We are an Executive Coaching firm focusing on successful leaders who are ready to move into the next phase of their career - whether that means up a level in the same company, a different company, or starting their own company. Our three-part system focuses on your leadership ATTITUDE (who you are and why you do what you do), PERFORMANCE (what you do), and EXCELLENCE (how you do it). The APEX Attitude. Performance. EXcellence.TM System has proven extremely effective for leaders. Contact us today at ApexLeadershipCoaching.com and take control of your leadership journey.


Her advice? “Make a list of all the tasks over the next week or month that you need to complete. Highlight the things you love and get them done, then take the balance of the tasks and outsource them to freelancers who you can lead effectively.” - Sandi Mitchell, President & CEO

5. Career Journey GPS 2

Career Journey GPS

Career Journey GPS, Inc. is a Creative Jones Collective company launched with a mission to inspire and empower high school and college students to navigate their path through school to a passionate and purposeful career of their choice. Founder & CEO Patrick Jones uses his own college-to-career adventure and his years as a professional and entrepreneur to shine a light on the myriad pathways that students can take for their own Career Journeys. As a dynamic and “edutaining” speaker, Patrick has shared the award-winning indie film he executive produced, “The Journey” (2001,) and his Career Journey Engagement ModelTM presentation with more than 65 universities, colleges and special conferences -- including National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and LeaderShape.


His advice? “Understand the problem you are trying to solve and for whom you are solving it. Next, you must make things significantly better for that target audience to continue to grow your customer base.” - Patrick Jones, Founder & CEO

6. Doran Jones 1

Doran Jones

Doran Jones is an entrepreneurial firm that aligns its success to that of its clients through innovative, commercial engagements. Our deep domain knowledge and close working relationships ensure that we understand both your business and how you operate within it. Our teams of talented, passionate software engineers help our clients deliver value through technology. We are driven by the challenge of finding better ways to build technology. We are committed to creating high-quality software that truly makes a difference for our clients' businesses. We believe in working collaboratively with our clients. We are committed to understanding your challenges and helping you find creative ways to address them. This is reflected in the variety of engagement models and services we offer.


Keith recommends “professional associations, social media and many other ways can help you build an online reputation very quickly. Become an expert and then use networking skills so that people know who you are.” - Keith Klain, CEO

7. BeerSAVER Systems 1

BeerSAVER Systems

BeerSAVER, the world leader in draft beer controls innovation, develops technologies, products, and initiatives to continually advance how the hospitality industry controls inventory. Our mission is to be an innovative leader in providing the best beverage control systems in the world, while offering outstanding customer service.


His advice? “Organic growth is ultimately borne out of great customer service. Remember to treat customers with respect and as partners and you will grow your business quickly through word of mouth.” - Kevin Tse, CEO

8. Nexus Consulting Group, Inc 0

 Nexus Consulting Group, Inc

Nexus Consulting Group is a small but growing software development and consulting firm located in southern Los Angeles County.  We’ve been in business since 1996, focusing historically on Windows applications, Microsoft Office and database development.  Since then we’ve added Web development and mobile application development as market interest has indicated.


Karl says, “develop relationships and affiliate business partners to continually drive a stream of prospective customers to help drive your business forward.” - Karl Hoaglund, President

9. Elite Business Resources 0

Elite Business Resources

Whether you’re hiring your first employee or growing your business, you need to know the laws and how they affect you.  Compliance is a necessity at every phase in today's litigious business environment.  A business that isn't current on employment laws opens itself up to significant risk. At Elite Business Resources, compliance is what we do.  We will help you manage tedious compliance issues, follow rapid-fire changes in employment law, and stay current on the most effective cost-saving and performance-building trends.  We will customize our consulting services to best fit you and your business. We provide effective service, operating as your company’s HR department, or working with your existing staff to supplement your team and its needs.

Krystal emphasizes “spend the money and complete the research to do things right from the get go. Bring the experts in and get setup from the very beginning so you don’t have to fix the mess at a later date.” - Krystal Yates, Partner

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