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Community Blog / Lessons of: Interior Design & The Entrepreneur

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The world of interior design is one that can help determine the functional ambiance of business, home life and even fashionable expression. Despite what some may think, the interior design industry is a $10 Billion dollar one, employing nearly 120,000 individuals across the US.



In this installment of our Startup Spotlight we take a look at Nora Schneider, of Nora Schneider Interior Design. Her experiences in the realm of interior design are not just specific to that discipline but to entrepreneurism as a whole. Her career choice, as with many entrepreneurs, evolved into a pursuit of passion. Wanting to be happy and work with what Schneider loved was a primary inspiration.


In her experience the most challenging obstacle Schneider faced was a common entrepreneurial issue: business growth and a need for a mentor. When she started, MeetAdvisors was not necessarily around and the need for advice can always help a growing business. That void of no mentor led Schneider to start a peer group to help her and others. Partially a support group, it melted into a path for connections. The benefits of this group have flourished and proven the entrepreneurial need for connections and interactions.

Some of the advice Schneider brings to the group and shares with potential designers and entrepreneurs is the classic consideration of risk, however, she recommends that badmouthing competitors is a bad idea. Habits to consider to being a successful entrepreneur are simple: stay organized and listen.


The role of interior design is actually a lot more dense than the average simpleton would think. Although feng shui is as old as human themselves, the little utilities in an office, for instance, can either increase business growth or decrease it. Schneider knows this and is meticulous in her design qualities and aspects when it comes to any build. So if you’re running a small office the difference in airflow and seat configuration actually may make a difference in how well your business operates.


With programs in interior design filling up at schools like Harrington College of Design, Chicago seems to be one the focal points of interior design. Nora Schneider is one of those Chicago Entrepreneurs trying to continually streamline the industry with finesse and aesthetic function.

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