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Learning: The Foundation of Leadership

Learning: The Foundation of Leadership



There is a lot of talk on the news and in political debates about the state of education. There are many different approaches to improve education but it is difficult to stay relevant in an industry that changes so frequently. These companies are helping improve education through expert teacher training, educational software, and supportive environments.


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1. Leadership Strategies 0

Leadership Strategies

Michael Wilkenson founded Leadership Strategies in 1992. Since then, they have been providing facilitation services to companies. Facilitators ensure that company meetings are executed efficiently. Meetings include facilitator-training sessions to help employees become better leaders. They may also include planning, developing or issue resolution meetings with the use of an objective facilitator.

2. Global Learning Systems 0

Global Learning Systems

Global Learning Systems provides online training materials for companies. They help create training modules that can reach a large audience in a short time. This is more cost effective and companies can make sure every employee is getting the correct information.

3. Common Goal Systems Inc 0

Common Goal Systems Inc

Common Goal Systems Inc provides educational software to help make the jobs of teachers, students, and parents easier. They remove the clerical work for teachers so they can focus on learning. They also provide ways for parents to stay informed about their children’s grades, as well as student activity at school.

4. Christopher House 0

Christopher House

Christopher House has been working with low-income children and families in Chicago since 1906. Their goal is to provide the best education possible for children by providing early childhood education, parenting classes, and other resources. They offer academic help and support all through school and into adulthood.

5. eScholar 0


eScholar works on collecting longitudinal data to better educational programs. They work with local and federal governments to collect long-term data on students to better programs and teaching techniques. They have been working since 1997 and are working with over 20 million students across the country.

6. Education Connection 0

Education Connection

Education Connection Services works to get people back to school. They offer a free online service to help connect potential students with online and on-campus schools that could be right for them. They offer counseling services that help people pick a course of study and an online-aptitude test to determine if online school would be right for them.

7. Life Promotions Inc 0

Life Promotions Inc

Life Promotions Inc works to affect youth and teach them to make positive choices for themselves and the community. They teach children and teens how to make good decisions and offer faith-based programs for those interested.

8. Keystone Montessori Inc 0

Keystone Montessori Inc

Keystone Montessori Inc has private and independent schools all over the world. The idea behind Montessori schools is that all children are uniquely intelligent and learn in their own special way. Montessori works to teach the whole child cognitively, socially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Students are taught in multi-age classrooms and learn to teach other students, further developing their leadership skills.

9. Corlears School 0

Corlears School

Corlears School in New York City focuses on the collaboration and leadership development of its students. Teachers create problem-solving activities based on the child’s interest and students and teachers work together to find solutions. This program is all about collaboration and helping children become more compassionate and understanding leaders.

10. Leadership Training Systems 0

Leadership Training Systems

Leadership Training Systems helps train leaders in the workplace. Since 1995 they have reached over 1 million people, including over forty hospitals, 167 organizations and 22 educational groups. They sell DVDs and CDs as well as present custom instruction based on the organization’s needs.

11. Knowledge Delivery Systems Inc 0

Knowledge Delivery Systems Inc

Knowledge Delivery Systems Inc, or KDS, offers online educational tools for educators. Their software can be used to foster professional development and improve teachers’ skill set. More than 50,000 teachers have used the software for training in subjects like the Common Core and closing the performance gap among students.

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