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Learning is Endless

Learning is Endless



Life is short. It’s a cliche, but it’s true. Though the memories we collect are always great, sometimes it is about the lessons we learn more than the events that took place throughout our lives. Although many of us graduated what seems like eons ago, we have never stopped learning, whether that be about our businesses or humanity in general, the lessons always kept coming. Now the time has come to pass on the advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs and business men/women, so that they too can learning something new.

1. TickPick 15


From Lollapalooza to baseball opening game tickets, TickPick has it all. The best part is, they don’t charge buyers ticket fees. They will even email you with show updates and let you read reviews on the best seats in the house. We no longer have to hunt down scalpers outside of venues in the hopes that we may buy an overpriced, possibly fake ticket.


Co-Founder, Brett Goldberg had this advice to offer: “Early on for startups, you may make the mistake of spending too much time on analyzing and overanalyzing every decision, when you should be spending time on driving traffic. It is important to know what to spend your time on. If you do not have clarity of what is REALLY important, then it may not be that important after all.”

2. Machinio 12


Don’t know who to sell your big-rig to or maybe you’re looking to buy some gently used printing machinery? Whatever the equipment is, Machinio has it. As the largest used machinery platform, Machinio connects users from more than 30 different countries and will help satisfy any buying need you have.


Co-Founder, Dmitriy Rokhfeld offered this advice: “It is important to be able to learn from your mistakes. Keep an open mind and be able to adjust to the many dimensions of your business, whether it is hiring, managing, your industry focus, products, and the consumer. You must be able to adjust your thinking and be able to change direction when necessary.”

3. Panjo 6


Let us guess, you’re just one incredibly hard to find car part from finishing the perfect delorean? Lucky for you, Panjo probably has it. As a marketplace for the most knowledgeable auto, sports, and hobby enthusiasts Panjo acts as a selling platform for all those rare parts and pieces needed to complete your dreams.

CEO and Co-Founder, Chad Billmyer said, “It’s common for an entrepreneur to see a variety of problems in front of them and mis-categorize what the biggest problem is. The biggest problem is NO customers so get a customer first , then solve the other problems.”

4. Trakt.tv 5


With new shows constantly popping up we can never seem to catch up with the latest trend. Breaking Bad is already over, but we are still on season one. However, thanks to Trakt users can now track, subscribe to, and see what shows are trending from wherever they are. Doesn’t matter you prefer Apple, Android, or Windows, Trakt is a universal platform. Basically, this is the TV guide of the future and we love it.


Co-Founder, Jimmy Douglas said, “There are a lot of great ideas, there are a lot of big markets, but the team you collaborate with will make the difference between just starting out, or making the company a success.”

5. Vinylmeplease 4


The Great Gatsby called and he wants his lifestyle back. With the help of Vinylmeplease you can be just as swanky and even a little hipster as Gatsby himself. For a reasonable price, Vinylmeplease will send you monthly vinyls, with the original artwork, and best of all, a recipe for the perfect cocktail pairing. So pull out your flapper dress and/or tux, because it’s time to party.


CEO, Matt Fielder said, “You can’t do everything yourself, so create a culture, a shared passion for your team to pursue. If you have a tendency to take control and micromanage, you will only disempower your team. Use and trust your teammates, they will add value to the shared passion and overall vision.”

6. Qimple 3


LinkedIn, Facebook, Craigslist, the list of job posting sites seems to go on forever, but if only there was a way to post to all of them at once and then track them! Oh wait, there is! Enter Qimple, this easy to use platform gives users the opportunity to fun and interactive job posts that will reach a giant audience all from one easy to use website.


CEO and Co-Founder, Yves Boudreau said, “Be able to look back at failures / mistakes and be honest with yourself. Be true in this process, and be willing to learn from your mistakes. Some survive from the mistakes and some don’t. Find a way around, and remember negotiations start at no, so be ready convert that no into a yes!”

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