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Learning Entrepreneurship Online from the Pros

Getting it Done, Picard Style

Meet Advisors' mission is simple: giving young entrepreneurs and their companies the guidence they need to avoid making the same mistakes so many buisnesses have already made.

But just getting a heads up about the challenges that accompany marketing, positioning, and building a business isn't enough.

In order to scale from startup to industry leader, you have to:

  • pursue relationships with mentors who are wild about you, your business, and the kind of business you're in
  • surround yourself with smart people working on similar projects
  • learn everything you can about the lean startup process before you commit to turning your idea into reality full time

Learning by Doing Sucks

While building MentorMob over the last two years into a thriving online learning community, I often wished it were easier to meet other seasoned and young-gun entrepreneurs.

also wished it were easier to find good advice online, for free, without having to search around for hours.

So we've begun building a comprehensive curriculum on how to become a comsumer web entrepreneur, and you can access it here:


Just login, click the "Entrepreneurship" tile at the top right, and you're in! Once you're there, you'll be able to:

  • share the very best free online resources on becoming a killer entrepreneur
  • learn for free from other buisness owners who care about getting entrepreneurship right
  • connect with the kind of people who also love starting a company from the ground up

There's no Reason to go it Alone

Starting a company can be a difficult, lonely task--but it shouldn't be! With tools like Meet Advisors and MentorMob in your tool kit, it can be the most fullfilling, exciting thing you've ever done in your life. 

So make use of them!

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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership - Pay-Per-Success

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