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Learn to Manage Your Finances Better with These Top 11 Companies

Do your finances have you confused, worried, or just down right frustrated?  Take the stress of yourself and trust your financials with these companies, who specialize in financial services!  Here’s 11 we’ll be keeping our eye on!

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Know any other financial services companies we should have included?  Let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider it for our next financial blog.


1. LB&A Certified Public Accountants 26

LB&A Certified Public Accountants helps businesses stay ahead of the game, whether you’re preparing for audits or your organization’s tax approach.  Their team of dedicated CPA’s offers proactive insights, identifies potential obstacles, and helps you reach your goal of success.  LB&A has an all-inclusive tax accounting services package that gives your organization unlimited accesses to the expertise you need through a variety of communication methods.  IF you partner with LB&A, they promise that your partnership will receive dedicated attention from a firm partner and handpicked team of accounting experts.

2. Lexington Wealth Management 23

Lexington Wealth Management partners with clients that goes beyond traditional wealth management partnerships.  By learning about you on a deeper level, they can build more meaningful relationships in order to figure out hat makes you unique.  Then, they address your individual financial needs by taking a close look at the bigger picture.  Their energy and flexible nature allows them to produce unique solutions to meet individual objectives of clients.

3. Symbionce Financial Solutions, LLC 5

Symbionce Financial Solutions, LLC is a fully owned and operated business run by credit unions with your members’ needs in mind.  Every member of their team has an average of 17 years of direct credit union lending experience, which brings you the knowledge, ability, and expertise to exceed in credit union management and expectations.  From home loan products to services that cater to your members, Symbionce Financial Solutions, LLC has your best interest at heart.

4. Huron Valley Financial, Inc. 2

Huron Valley Financial, Inc. (HVF) is a full service mortgage banker offering Conventional and Jumbo financing as well as FHA, Rural Development, and Renovation loans.  They understand that their customers are the number one priority.  Their licensed Loan Originators will not only help you with tailoring a loan that fits your needs, but first, listen to your needs in order to create a solution that works for you. 

5. Abacus Wealth Partners 2

Abacus Wealth Partners makes sure you are using the best financial resources for your business in order for you to spend your free time on what matters most in life.  They map out where you currently are, help you protect yourself from financial dangers, and create a roadmap for your future.  Dedicated financial planners can help you with all of your financial questions or problems, make the first step and work with Abacus!

6. Execupay 1

Execupay provides employer services such as payroll, human resources, time and labor, and benefits to thousands of growing businesses throughout the US and in over 25 other countries.  By combining their experience with today’s technology, Execupay is able to bring innovation to payroll and human services.  Their services allow small to mid-market businesses a simple solution to all their problems.

7. FlashBanc 0

FlashBanc is a leading National Merchant Service Provider who proves credit card processing and a plethora of other electronic payment solutions to businesses, in almost every market throughout the US.  The ability to accept electronic payments is a must in today’s marketplace, which is why FlashBanc offers very competitive pricing and the best support in the business. 

8. AudiTec Solutions 0

AudiTec Solutions is a Phoenix-based company that has rapidy grown into a multifaceted accounts payable auditing firm that helps companies identify and recoup lost profits due to overpayments, under-deductions, duplicate payments, or vendor pricing errors.  Their team has worked in the industry for numerous years and brings a certain amount of experience to the table.  Their service is completely free and they only get paid if they perform.  Their integrated set of auditing services work to ensure maximum benefit with the least amount of intrusion for clients. 

9. ProMedical 0

ProMedical’s vision is to provide the healthcare community with a client-focused, technology driven, revenue cycle partner.  Their solutions include workers’ compensation and motor vehicle accident billing.  Their proprietary Rev Scan document imaging service makes both of those strategies easier.  As times and technology change, so does the technology behind ProMedical.

10. ABS Capital Partners 0

ABS Capital Partners teams up with exceptional companies and helps them accelerate at their most important stage.  They carefully select companies and CEOs that they partner with, then prioritize growth potential above all.  ABS Capital Partner views clients as partners with goals of providing long-term stage growth to companies.

11. Orion Financial Group 0

Orion Financial Group specializes in providing mortgage assignments, lien releases, and document retrieval to mortgage servicers, investors, credit unions, and lenders who manage their own portfolios.  Their in depth industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and superior customer service helps set it apart from other document service providers.  Clients can have confidence that Orion Financial Group will handle every minute detail in order to ensure an effective process that generates consistent, accurate results.

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