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Made in Chicago.

Keep an Open Mind and Maintain a Positive Attitude

Keep an Open Mind and Maintain a Positive Attitude



FACT: Smiling is contagious. Walking into work with a positive attitude and a warm, generous smile will immediately have your entire office feeling the same way. Keeping an opened mind to new ideas or thoughts presented to you by your employees or colleagues will greatly benefit your business as well. Even if you do not implement their ideas, being able to hear them assures them that you care for them not only as an employee, but also as a friend. Here are a few companies that continually keep an opened mind and maintain a positive attitude:

1. Nibbly 7


Nibbly uses the simple card based design of Tinder and a Pandora-like recommendation algorithm to surface nearby restaurants you'll love. Instead of explicitly searching for places to go, with a few swipes Nibbly builds you a curated taste profile making discovery effortless. We are building a platform to allow food lovers to follow tastemakers ranging from foodie best friends to celebrity chefs so you can leverage their expertise in the same simple card format.


“It’s important to remember that nobody is against your success, they are idle bystanders. You need to keep pushing and have ambition for the long term, all while exhibiting patience while you wait for the right time to strike.” – Andre Borczuk, Co-Founder

2. Topi 3


Topi is developing mobile applications to enhance participants' experience at conferences and meetings. By using user profiles and geo-locations, Topi finds hidden interests among participants and suggest topic-based conversations. Event organizers can use Topi to increase participation of the audience, and get people involved before, during, and even after the event.


“We strive to keep stability and show our dedication and passion for our company. When the customer realizes this, it propels our relationship forward and gives us the ability to be successful.“ – Eric Francois, COO

3. SendSafely 2


Here at SendSafely, we are passionate about building secure software. Our platform originated from the Research Labs of Gotham Digital Science, a leading software security consulting firm. The platform was originally developed for exchanging sensitive data with their clients. After numerous client requests to leverage the platform for their own use, SendSafely was eventually spun off as a separate company. Today, SendSafely is used by numerous customers around the world to exchange sensitive information with customers and business partners. Our team is genuinely passionate about the problems we try to solve every day. We believe that sharing information securely should be simple and fast — so you can work better, get more accomplished, and sleep soundly at night.


“If you believe in what you do and your product provides real value, you will succeed. Never become disillusioned by the overnight success stories of companies like Slack as these are the lottery winners in the business world. Most successful businesses require time and persistence to build.“ - Brian Holyfield, CTO

4. Orchestro 2


Over 110 global brands rely on Orchestro’s proprietary demand orchestration platform to seamlessly execute on their omni-channel strategy. We increase speed-to-insight by harmonizing disparate demand data and applying adaptive analytics to execute profitable actions. Our clients can proactively analyze and act on business exceptions to dramatically reduce lost sales opportunity, improve revenue, and enhance service levels.


“Staying positive is about being nimble and open minded to volatile situations. We help our customers have insight into the past, and the future, which helps them to be successful while positively impact their markets.” – Anuj Agrawal, Vice President, Marketing

5. GSD 1


GSD (Get Stuff Done) is a Salesforce™ CRM consulting company based in New York City. We specialize in small-scale implementations and ongoing support/maintenance of Salesforce environments. We enjoy working with smaller teams, helping them be successful and efficient in their operations and usage of Salesforce. We're certified on the Salesforce platform (and really fun to work with!).


“We are inspired by working with wonderful customers as they grow. Our reward is in seeing their success and getting to grow alongside them.” - Naushad Parpia, Co-Founder

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