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Why would I write a book about “jobs at 50”  like this anyway?

So I was one of these people who was always working. For 27 straight years, I had a job. There was always more responsibility, more challenge, more prestige. I’ll admit it got to my head a little bit, too.

Here’s how I got to the point where I became an authority on the topic of “jobs at 50.”

You might know the story. I had joined a couple of doomed startups. I found myself without work not once, but twice.

In the meantime, I talked to every connection I had, visited with job coaches, worked on my social media, attended networking events and went on countless interviews.

It all worked out. I’m working for a great company now, one that’s been around and is known for being stable. I have also been an expert in mastered the subject of getting jobs at 50, which may seem difficult for others.

Along the way, I met plenty of over-50 job seekers. I found many to be ill-equipped for the new world of social media, younger hiring managers, technology, networking and HR. Many hadn’t been on the job market since the ‘80s. Others felt lost. Many ended up being out of work for a year or more, and eventually settling for lower positions than they’d had previously.


It doesn’t have to be that way for.

Most of the time, people who have been on the lookout for jobs at 50 have accumulated lots of experience and savvy along the way. Their skills are, in many ways, at their peak.

Trouble is, many don’t believe it.

I found that by identifying key hidden skills, it is a great way to encourage those who seek jobs at 50 that they are a fit for opportunities they never expected.

I found that by updating their “personal branding,” they turn the conversations from being about their age to being about their skills and how they can help a company overcome a problem.

I found that by anticipating stereotypes about their age, they can successfully network their way into brand new circles.

Most of all, I found that by gaining focus, a positive attitude and a plan, they can rejoin the workforce quickly and in a way that advances their careers.

For me, this was fascinating to watch and participate in. I found that many successful strategies have not been talked about in the media or in books. So I decided to write my own book to help people.

To this day, I meet with many people aspiring to get jobs at 50 and offer them any advice I have based on my experience. It’s like a mission to help older job seekers get back to work.



I’ve created a web site loaded with job search tips: www.JobsAt50.com and have published a book, 50 Steps for 50 Year Old Job Seekers. Please check it out and let me know what you think.



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