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IT Solution Firms To Watch Out For

IT Solution Firms To Watch Out For



IT Solution companies have emerged as the most popular and the fastest growing business sector in the world. With more and more companies indulging in this sector and providing different services through modern Information and Technology systems, the customer base is also at an all-time high. This can be attributed to the fact that even the people are aware of the available technology and want things done at lightning speed.

Today, we present to you a group of such companies, which have earned a reputation in this sector over the past few years and show great promise for the coming years.

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1. BestBequest 0


BestBequest is a private, digitally encrypted information and media-storage service that encourages families to organize and securely store important information. A digital safe deposit box where you can store details about your assets, family memories, and treasured photos and videos. You can even create and schedule messages to be sent years into the future.

2. Net-Temps 0


Net-Temps is a leading job board for temporary, temp-to-perm and full time employment. Net-Temps assists staffing companies and employers in sourcing and hiring the most qualified candidates. Their extensive advertising programs include partnerships with the top online search engines and portals as well as extensive job distribution network to other employment-related websites. 

3. ThinkTech Computers 0

ThinkTech Computers

Since its launch over 16 years ago, ThinkTech Computers have become the most trusted provider of computer and network support for business owners in Southeastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island. They have even appeared on the MSPMentor 100, a list of the top 100 most progressive companies in the industry from around the world.

4. The Standish Group 0

The Standish Group

The Standish Group specializes in project management group-reflection. Group-reflection is the art and science of harnessing the deep knowledge, sentiment and understanding of an organization or a group of organizations to improve the well being of the information technology project delivery environment. The Standish Group provides a platform that produces actionable items that yield meaningful results. The platform includes in-depth project research & reporting, benchmarks & appraisals and collaboration & decision-making tools & solutions.

5. Health IT Pedia 0

Health IT Pedia

Health IT Pedia is a source of Information about Healthcare Information Technology & Management Industries. Health IT Pedia was developed due to its increasing demand of Healthcare IT & Management with increasing issues. Although lots of vendors are working on Healthcare IT & Management, but due to the rising problems in the Healthcare Industry this idea was developed.

6. URX 0


URX is a privately held company, formed in 2013 and headquartered in San Francisco. It is building the world’s first App Search API, which enables developers to create seamless user experiences across multiple apps. Developers can also discover the best place to link a user based on the apps on their device.

7. Xapo 0


At Xapo, they believe that bitcoin’s ultimate success will be based on trust – trust in the digital currency and trust in the industry’s service providers. That’s why they assembled a team of financial services and security experts to build a new usage and storage experience. By offering two distinct products – a free, easy-access Wallet and a fully-insured Vault – they are marrying the convenience bitcoin users want for everyday needs with the security they require for confident bitcoin savings.

8. Auxzillium 0


Auxzillium's goal is to maintain IT support services and highly-trained technicians, whose sole purpose is to consistently provide immediate response to businesses for IT support, while upholding quality managed services and security monitoring programs. Auxzillium started as a small company out of Medford MA and now handles global companies.

9. 0 are a firm evolving with the advancement of technology. Through training, resources and certification, they provide you with an experience that is not only painless, but congruent with the speed and vision of your organization’s goals and objectives. Whether migrating to a new network infrastructure, designing an easy-to-use network from the ground up, or improving the security and performance of your existing network, Terminal has solutions that meet your needs and your budget.

10. Teikametrics 0


Teikametrics was developed with a mission to provide the most effective and accurate tools to tackle the dynamic nature of today's e-commerce markets. Their team has an extensive background in growing and managing successful e-commerce businesses. Their team of e-commerce analysts and R & D staff are based in Boston, MA.



Every year more than 300,000 children run away from home or go missing. While numerous organizations are dedicated to helping parents of missing children, only FIND YOUR MISSING CHILD, INC. (FYMC) focuses on social media tools to help parents organize communities and networks to find their missing child. FYMC has created a social media guide that teaches parents how to use the community- building powers of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and e-mail to help in the search for a missing child. The toolkit, designed for parents with limited skills as well as sophisticated social media users, coaches and provides parents constructive ways to actively participate in the search for their missing child.

12. Bandwagon 0


With Bandwagon, experience your favorite content across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram; delivered to you and your friends in real-time. It's a great option for personal and business use as you filter out the unnecessary parts and track only the content you want, when you want it, in your own personalized streams called "Wagons". Moreover, you can create Wagons that update in real-time on your favorite topics, like Cars, Sports, Celebrities, Music, TV/Movies, etc.

13. FreshAddress, Inc. 0

FreshAddress, Inc.

FreshAddress, Inc., the Email Address Experts, help companies and nonprofits build, clean, and update their email address lists. FreshAddress services include: SafeToSend Deliverability Solution (Automated and Full Service), Email Change of Address (ECOA), and Data Appending (B2C & B2B Email Appending and Postal Appending). Hundreds of leading companies have entrusted their customer and donor databases to FreshAddress, including 20% of the Fortune 50 firms and many of America's leading nonprofits.

Think somebody deserves a mention? Let us know and we might just feature them in the future!

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