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IT Companies Worth Checking Out

Knowing how to best manage your business can be a difficult, time-consuming task.  With the help of IT Consulting firms, they can help you learn how to use information technology (IT) in order to best meet your business objectives.  Here’s 15 we’ll be keeping our eye on!

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1. Wowrack 611

Wowrack provides global cloud solutions by designing, implementing, and managing high traffic websites that require high availability and redundant infrastructures.  Their eight data centers, which are located in multiple cities across the United States and Southeast Asia, allow them to meet the most demanding Internet Hosting Environment expectations around.  Wowrack not only brings experience and expertise to the table, but also a customer focused approach in order to satisfy all clients. 

2. Method Technologies 409

Method Technologies has the right people in order for you to have a successful support experience.  Priding themselves on maintaining excellent relationships with their clients, they are also dedicated to exceeding your expectations of quality service and support.  Businesses small and large can utilize a variety of technology services from Method Technologies to computer and IT support to phone systems or structured cabling. 

3. Isos Technology 86

Isos Technology is a leader in solving complex business challenges in software development, mobile, and information technologies.  Their proprietary people assessment methodology allows the Isos team to find the best talent in order to make sure your team and company has the greatest amount of success possible.  Isos Technology’s software, “smart screening” combines technical skills, culture, and personal fit in order to deliver top talent to your unique business.

4. My Computer Works 4

My Computer Works is a leading provider of help desk and personal computer support services for small businesses and home consumers nationwide.  Their friendly, United States based support technicians connect with your Microsoft Windows PC securely and directly in order to solve all of your computer questions immediately.  With a variety of memberships, My Computer Works will have your computer running smoothly in no time!

5. Kollasoft 4

Kollasoft is a robust and innovative technology company that strives to provide innovative changes to complex technology solutions.  Kollasoft believes in understanding customer’s needs in order to truly deliver the right services for everyone’s own business model.  Their skilled team of IT staff offers technology support to both local and global businesses while providing timely solutions and innovative product development.  Kollasoft’s mission is to offer robust, cost-effective, scalable technology services that are both flexible and customizable.

6. Systems Evolution, Inc. 1

Systems Evolution, Inc. set out to build a consulting firm that more adequately reflected their values through consistency, commitment, and collaboration.  Dan Pierce, founder and CEO of SEI, believes that clients should be able to count on them because of their dedication to the three core values listed above.  Systems Evolution, Inc. provides the agility, consistency, and personal attention of a local partner while providing the reach and knowledge assets of a national organization.

7. P2 Solutions Group 1

P2 Solutions Group delivers business outcomes in scope, on time, and within budget by providing you with IT and financial consulting services that help you realize what your business goals really are.  This minority-owned, award-winning Washington State based IT provider has given clients the opportunity to use leading software, media, telecom, healthcare, industrial, and mobile phone technologies.  Have a complex business problem and need it solved?  P2 Solutions Group can solve it at very competitive prices.

8. Profuse Solutions 1

Profuse Solutions’s brand, PsychzNetworks, offers the latest supermico servers to deliver the power and performance you need.  They monitor, manage, diagnose, and recover your system even if your server is off, offer free data migration, and allow you to monitor your own dedicated server anytime.  PsychzNetworks also gives you the option to set up a private network where public access is not required and every server comes with 2 free Gbps DDoS mitigation.

9. Biz IT Pros 1

Biz IT Pros uses Dynamics CRM as a platform to design applications that help make your business run more efficiently.  Not only do they manage customer relationships, they create tools that reduce risky by providing insights into your business, streamlining your processes, and creating consistency.

10. GreenGeeks 0

GreenGeeks is the world’s number 1 green web hosting provider that powers of 100,000 websites!  GreenGeeks CEO, Trey Gardner, believes that they have built a superior web hosting company due to its robust set of features, enterprise network, customer satisfaction, industry leading green web hosting, and his personal commitment of putting the customer first.  They invest in high-end hardware, data systems, support personnel, and feature rich web hosting applications in order to achieve long-term satisfaction of their clients. 

11. OrangePeople 0

Orange People is centered around a ‘sense-and respond’ philosophy, which enables their team of consultants to bring a large amount of hands-on experience to their clients.  They value their clients, employees, and accountability in order to provide measurable results.  Orange People approaches solutions for all initiatives based on industry standard RUP and Agile methodologies, which also connects with artifacts and deliverables specific to integration projects.

12. CentrexIT 0

CentrexIT is San Diego’s leader in IT management and consulting.  By providing you the opportunity to use the best-of-the-best technology, they also provide personalized service and expert support.  Their team provides outsourced IT service, support, security, and leadership for small and medium-sized businesses in the greater San Diego area. 

13. Sysazzle 0

Sysazzle, an expert in helping key executives decrease or eliminate the risks of hiring class personnel, helps decrease your stress by taking care of it for you.  While focusing on the client’s unique and specific needs, Sysazzle gets results that help save you time and money, while increasing your profits.  Sysazzle utilizes the F.I.R.S.T. Method in order to effectively understand the client’s needs in order to deliver the right people at the right time.  

14. Alvarez Technology Group 0

Alvarez Technology Group (ATG) is an IT services company that specializes in maintaining and improving the technology investments of small and mid-sized businesses.  Their dedicated help desk, constant IT systems monitoring, real-time management, and certified field engineers all help you solve your most challenging technical problems. 

15. Access Networks 0

Access Networks is the leading provider of pre-programmed enterprise-grade networking solutions for modern homes.  Through designing and maintaining highly sophisticated IT solutions, their main goal is to keep you connected.  Access Networks uses only the best enterprise-grade appliances on the market and has a team that puts their clients in contact with the best-of-the-best service and support.

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