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Investing in your Customers

Investing in your Customers



Customers are a big part of business. In fact, without them, businesses wouldn’t even exist. Today, companies are taking extra time to focus on customer needs through innovative ideas and software. These six companies display the characteristics of a company that know what is really important…the customers.

1. CIT Cloud 19

CIT Cloud

CIT Cloud office can “get your business off the ground.” Beginning in 2005, Commercial IT Solutions provides Cloud Services for small to medium sized businesses while striving to give services and solutions that work. CIT Cloud moves everything to the cloud while reducing costs, eliminating pain points, and reducing device dependencies, in order for their customers to simplify their lives. They allow businesses to operate in a whole new way that is more efficient and easy. CIT Cloud is constantly updating or expanding their offered services and products.

2. Focalized Networks 15

Focalized Networks

Focalized Networks is a leading Cloud Services, Wide Area Network, and Telecom procurement agency that serves mid-market and enterprise clients. Focalized Networks acts as a broker for their clients in order to find the best services. They solicit proposals, review quotes, and find the best providers for the client’s needs. They specialize in finding the right cloud, telecom, and managed services providers to match a company’s specific business and technology needs. Working with over sixty providers, Focalized Networks has a wide assortment of customers who generally have internal IT staff that needs additional support during special projects. Partnering with Focalized Networks would allow you to focus internal resources while at the same time negotiating the best services at the lowest prices. 

3. Digital Learning 12

Digital Learning

Digital Learning’s mission is to help clients resolve businesses issues through following best practices and to customize solutions tailored to meet the timely needs of the businesses.  Digital Learning acts as advisors and consultants for the Fortune 100 and helps advise customers to make decisions that will minimize capital costs. They build on a client’s existing architectural framework while incorporating newer concepts to provide a solution. They are interested in education so they donate time on social responsibility programs while promoting the studies of science and math with big oil companies.

4. BridgeDTLA 1


Headed by Josh Gray-Emmer, BridGE is a Full Service Agency for NationBilder customers that handles strategy, marketing, branding, and execution.  Every week, BridGE hosts a dinner party for the residents of downtown Los Angeles.  They provide web and social media services to customers and the community while managing some websites in local neighborhoods as a way to give back. BridgeGE specializes in website development, strategy and training, DTLA consulting, and relationship management. BrideGE believes they give customers the ability to refocus their time on important projects through their services.

5. Speak2Leads 0


Formed in 2004, Speak2Leads is a Web-based lead response tool that allows organizations to immediately respond and consistently follow-up with their leads from any source during the peak point of interest in order to increase sales. Speak2Leads provides their expertise with a thirty day free trial to confirm that it is a good fit. They look to fully understand the current sales process so that they can offer better ideas that will improve the process and better utilize a sales team. After helping more than 100 North American organizations, the Speak2Leads team continues to invest time and resources into developing innovative and intuitive lead response and follow up technology. They release new iterations every four to six weeks that respond to client requirements and marketplace opportunities.

6. Evogi 0


Evogi engineers telematics solutions designed for usage based insurance and fleet management systems. Interestingly enough, their CEO is from the gaming industry, but does not have an insurance background. He knows about gamification and developed the 3D map for Grand Theft Auto which must be why Evogi’s innovative game-based approach to customer interactions helps increase engagement, build community, and retain customers. Evogi has use based insurance that has a continual everyday consumer experience through their app where customers can use a gyrometer to automatically call first responders when an accident occurs. Customers can also launch claims processes immediately through the app which even includes a function for vehicle health and safety.

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