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Investing in Customers and Helping Communities

Investing in Customers and Helping Communities



There’s no place like home. The old saying that has been floating around for years. When everything goes wrong, there is always one place you can count on…home. The eight companies below all started with a hometown that contributed to their success. Now, after reaching their goals, the companies decided to give back and make sure their initial communities are taken care of. Each company below is striving to make a difference at their initial startup location in order to help out the community.

1. GTX Corp 19

GTX Corp

Founded in 2002, GTX is known for its game-changing and award-winning patented GPS Smart Shoe, blockbuster Smartphone GPS Tracking App, and GPS SmartSole.  They have a two way GPS that will not only tell the person where they are, but someone else as well.  GTX uses hardware, software and connectivity for both the consumer and enterprise.  In the future, GTX hopes to have the ability to notify family and first responders about any medical issues that take place while using one of their products. The mission of GTX is to commit to pioneering, creating, and delivering smart wearable technology.

2. Cobol Cowboys, LLC 18

Cobol Cowboys, LLC

Based in Indianapolis, Cobol Cowboys provides professionals with legacy COBOL systems and other programming environments. Eileen Hinshaw, Chief Operating Officer, was inspired by the movie Space Cowboys to keep the senior Cobol programmers at work -- and to challenge the younger generation of programmers/coders to learn this high-level computer language. Cobol Cowboys believes it is all about supply and demand since most major systems still use Cobol.  Cobol Cowboys offers experienced COBOL and Java professionals in various vertical markets including banking, state government, health care, and manufacturing.

3. BP Analytics 8

BP Analytics

BP Analytics is a Financial Software Development company founded by Maurice Berdugo and Mauricio Pacheco. BP Analytics works mostly with advisors and accountants who have an idea or spreadsheet that is too manual and labor intensive. Customers come to BP Analytics for automation and the ability to create a software to offer to others. BP Analytics builds their own account aggregation software to gather all of their client's account info into one secure place.  BP Analytics knows that everything is starting to go online, which is essential for people to make informed decisions.

4. MashUps Co., Ltd 2

MashUps Co., Ltd

Mashups is a team of digital creators who understands the new digital world is all about fast changes. Joining together with Cheil Worldwide, Mashups uses low energy Bluetooth to discuss engagement and analytics. Mashups believes that everything will eventually be connected together to the web and have sensors.  They are currently working on a project for Seoul Metro, a subway system, to install beacons and perform cross-promotion engagement. Mashups stays on top of the trends and builds high quality platforms and devices that meet client demands as well as their own high expectations.

5. ONIT Technology Solutions 2

ONIT Technology Solutions

ONIT Technology Solutions was created to help small businesses in San Antonio, southern Texas, and northern Mexico who obtain the most from their business technology. Established in 2002, ONIT Technology Solutions first challenge was to educate business owners about the risk of managing their own IT. They focus on having the right technical people available at the right time while having a cost effective partnership. They believe that companies with 100 or less computers are in the hands of IT professionals who can make sure they are secure. ONIT Technology Solutions wants to put an end to computer issues and frustrations.

6. Enterprise Portfolio Software Inc. 1

Enterprise Portfolio Software Inc.

Enterprise Portfolio Software (EPPORA) was developed to produce a software product that would help organizations conduct successful projects. They optimize labor resources by measuring the productivity of each individual. Enterprise Portfolio Software uses an algorithm to assign the most important tasks to the highest performers. In order to understand where executives are in the current project, they can review a dashboard that displays up-to-date costs.  Enterprise Portfolio Software is a fully mobile cloud based product that includes some of the same features as MS Project and Primavera. EPPORA eliminates cost overruns and manages productivity to remove any questions about who hires the best workers.

7. Elephant Scale 1

Elephant Scale

Elephant Scale’s mission is offering high quality services and training for the Big Data ecosystem.  The Co-Founder, Mark Kerzner, is a software developer who wrote a free, open source book that focuses on “HADOOP”, which is the glue that holds together all of the computers that Google uses. Each week the book gets seventy downloads or leads.  Elephant Scale trains on every big data platform even though they are not in alliance with any of them.  They believe that every company must be knowledgeable about big data because technology can improve their businesses.

8. Kiamesha Global 1

Kiamesha Global

President, Managing Consultant, and Founder, Todd Smith, created Kiamesha. Their mission is to educate people about data servers. In order to help businesses determine who will be the best provider for them, Kaimesha Global strives to properly asses each clients’ needs. They complete needs analyses and consider each option carefully. Kiamesha Global offers high value consulting services to the end user and data center service provider communities through a global network of top caliber associates.

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