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Techie Tuesday: Internet Solutions

Every type of business now needs the help of Internet and web solutions. Whether companies are trying to streamline company information and design a website, these businesses are here to help. They provide online solutions for private consumers and businesses alike.

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1. Kagi 1

Kagi is a place where software developers can sell their product. Since it can be difficult to obtain a merchant account, especially for companies from outside of the US, Kagi provides a place that accepts credit card transactions. It helps make sure small software developers can exist and sell their product.

2. Metropolis New Media 0

Metropolis New Media focuses on collecting geographic and spatial data for companies. They work as part of a business’s IT department and provides Internet infrastructure and support. They provide training, support, backup and maintenance to help people leverage geographic data using mapping applications.


3. NetResults Corporation 0

NetResults Corporation helps a wide range of company’s track and analyze bugs and defects in their systems. They proved four different products that offer a range of services for tracking business issues and alerting management of possible problems.


4. TEKgroup International 0

TEKgroup International is a public relations company that focuses on software. Their company of 15 employees located in Florida, Michigan and Virginia provides products that help with online newsroom, e-commerce, auction, web design and more. They have consulted with many companies, including Fortune 500 companies, about public relations.



5. Imavex 0

Imavex provides web design and Internet marketing services. They work with companies of all kinds including small shops and large corporations. Imavex manages everything from the design of the website, building the website, and marketing the website to grow more business for their customers.


6. Solutions@Work 0

Solutions@Work provides software solutions to everyday business problems. They provide services in project development, telecommunications, asset management, training, data storage and more. Their goal is to help their customers achieve the best productivity possible at work.


7. Net Medical Xpress Solutions 0

Net Medical Xpress Solutions provides medical software to help doctors and medical professionals better serve patients. Their product is HIPAA compliant and helps medical staff share information about patients quickly and efficiently online. All tests and documents concerning a patient can be uploaded to the software and allows for the quickest most efficient patient experience.


8. Infinite Media 0

Infinite Media works with companies to help them best reach their customers. They provide over 60 thousand lists of customer data and can help businesses choose the right list for them. Businesses can use the lists and data analysis to reach customers more efficiently.


9. Prospector 0

Prospector provides a search engine for customers and consumers to find raw materials. The company itself is made of two smaller companies with different specialties. Innovadex focuses on chemicals and food ingredients while IDES focuses on plastics and metals. Prospector helps companies bring raw material consumers and suppliers together.


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