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Inspirational Friday - 10 Companies That Inspire and Innovate

Inspirational Friday - 10 Companies That Inspire and Innovate



Here at MeetAdvisors, we have the pleasure of discovering new companies on the daily. These companies are inspiring changes in their industry. Their innovations have been noted and we look forward to watching them grow!

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1. Veerlon 772


Veerlon is an online product that is designed specifically to help beauty professionals manage their businesses online more efficiently. The capabilities of this application range from client management, to social media management, and more. Their mission is to make it easier for beauty industry professionals to manage their businesses online; we think they’ve done just that!


2. Shuttlerock 391


Shuttlerock gets user generated content onto company websites by hosting contests and instant rewards to incentivize direct photo and video uploads. By creating a social hub, they are able to pull content from channels like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The content looks natural with your website and drives more visitors, engagement, and interaction


3. Cloud Elements 39

Cloud Elements

Cloud Elements, founded in 2012, was built to simplify cloud application integrations and enable application developers to deliver “cooperative Apps.” Their “one-to-many” approach connects your application with entire categories of cloud applications, each through a single API. Clients range from startups to vendors to departments of enterprises and more, but their team is able to build connections that work for your business.


4. Mobile Edge 32

Mobile Edge

Mobile Edge is the leading laptop case company who leads the industry with innovative designs that meet mobile computer customer’s needs. Stylish, comfortable, and functional laptop and tablet cases come in a variety of styles and colors. As the manufacturer of stylish, designer inspired cases, Mobile Edge is keeping the competitive edge over other case companies.


5. Method 11


Method, an international experience design firm, focuses on the intersection of brand, product, and service design. Clients have included LUSH Handmade Cosmetics, NCAA March Madness, DivX’s rebrand, and many more. But what’s most interesting about Method is the way that they work together in their collaborative design studio.  By approaching the needs of the customer, they put them first and solve problems from there.




ROXIMITY Beacons are wireless and can therefore be placed anywhere in your physical locations to deliver personalized content to customers as they walk through your door. By using targeted messaging, you can then deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. ROXIMITY gives businesses the opportunity to do this via Beacons, geofencing, and more. ROXIMITY will help you drive foot traffic, influence spending, and help you launch highly targeted campaigns.


7. Avius Insight 5

Avius Insight

Avius Insight gives customers real-time survey solutions, and through the use of Optimus, they are able to provide customers with complete feedback and customer relationship management systems. Avius Insight delivers the right mix of technological and methodological resources that drive a superior customer experience for customers across industries and the globe. Avius Insight, real-time customer feedback.


8. ArtCorgi 5


Through ArtCorgi, anyone can easily commission made-to-order art for business projects, gifts, wall art, and more. By facilitating a commission through a customer service layer and selling its network of freelance of artists’ services through various boutique storefronts, ArtCorgi makes the process of buying a service online very similar to the experience of buying a luxury product. Their mission is to make art commissions easy and fun for both artists and patrons alike.


9. XMission 3


XMission delivers connections, voice, hosting, and colocation services to Utah. Their dedicated, local team helps you love the Internet as much as they do. As a global business Internet provider, XMission expanded its technical offerings to include sophisticated hosting, business telephony, and high-speed connectivity solutions.


10. Ombud 3


Ombud provides people with easier, more efficient, cost-effective IT solutions. Through their community-based research platform, you can connect with other technology users, vendors, and analysts in order to ensure that your purchases fit your business needs. Their innovation is disrupting the status quo to help solve your business problems.


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