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Innovators With I.Q.

Innovators With I.Q.



How often do we notice upcoming companies and firms incorporating state-of-the-art technology with an intelligent strategy? Today, we present to you a list of such companies that have used the versatility of technology in their respective sectors to achieve optimum growth, ensuring customer satisfaction through excellent services. 

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1. Eagle Tech 6

Eagle Tech

Eagle Tech was founded in the year 2003. The company, further classifies into 5 different brands - Arion Legacy, Neptor, Ineo, Nanoxia, and Alienvibes. Each brand is developed to address a different sector including premium audio speakers, Bluetooth receivers, mobile accessories, etc. They are committed to delivering the best available technology in a visually appealing and inspiring way.

2. SimpleTuition 1


SimpleTuition is a firm which provides support to over 10 million students, assisting them in affording higher education. The firm provides consultancy, advice, and tools for proper higher education planning for a student. They provide a special student loan comparison tool which makes it easy to compare private student loan options by lender, APR, monthly payment, etc, potentially saving you thousands over the life of your debt. Moreover, they also focus to provide great Payback options as well.


3. Cireon USA 0

Cireon USA

Cireon was founded in 2007 and since then, they have designed and manufactured the optimum lighting systems for commercial and industrial use with cutting-edge technologies and processes that greatly reduce the costs while helping the planet. Cireon solid state lighting reduces the energy consumption of traditional commercial fluorescent lighting by 45-50% and HID lighting by 75-80%. As a result, there are no bulbs or ballasts to change over the minimum 60,000 hour life.

4. Mobicip 0


Mobicip was founded in the year 2008 and it has since emerged as the most popular content filtering solution for smartphones, tablets, and computers. Mobicip aspires to foster the safe use of technology for learning. Its best-selling content filtering service has been consistently rated among top paid apps and downloaded and used by tens of thousands of parents and hundreds K-12 in the US and worldwide, and has been recognized by the Parents’ Choice and Tech & Learning Awards.

5. Barebones Networking 0

Barebones Networking

Barebones Networking is a company based in Los Angeles, California and it was founded in the year 2007. They excel in providing phenomenal IT Support Services, Managed IT Services, Cloud Computing Solutions and Phone Systems to businesses nationwide. Whether it’s providing helpdesk support to your employees, protected your critical data with backup solutions, or providing cloud solutions - they have always got you covered.

6. Acme In Tech 0

Acme In Tech

Acme In Tech is an IT company that provides a variety of IT solutions and services. Their software solutions are efficient, robust, and cost effective answers for your individual or business needs. They deal in designing powerful and impressive websites for businesses. The company was founded in 2012 by Nikil Seth.

7. Paystr LLC 0

Paystr LLC

Paystr is an online payment and listing site. That provides you the ability to quickly monetize your content. They provide real-time solutions, such as the Instant Checkout, that are the most versatile and easiest ways to get you setup to accept purchases on your website and start selling your digital content right away.

8. America’s Job Exchange (AJE) 0

America’s Job Exchange (AJE)

America’s Job Exchange (AJE), is a subordinate of Time Warner Cable. It is a prominent place for employers searching expert solutions for online diversity recruitment and OFCCP compliance. Their aim is to connect hard-working non-executive job seekers with employers that are looking to build a diverse workforce. Many numerous corporations and thousands of small and midsize businesses use AJE recruitment solutions including job listings, resume database, branding, and social media to find and engage talented employees.

9. IntraSystems 0


IntraSystems provide secure application delivery, virtualization services, and secure network infrastructure solutions centered on the principles of excellence, service, and quality. Moreover, it delivers customer satisfaction through technical competence, prominent partnerships, and professional integrity of all employees.  Whether a company needs customized IT solutions or managed services or training, the IntraSystems team combines in-house expertise and the highest level of business partnerships to allow customers to get on with their core business.

10. Bumblebee Wireless 0

Bumblebee Wireless

Bumblebee Wireless specializes in buying, selling, unlocking, and repairing cell phones, laptops and tablets. Bumblebee Wireless is the largest phone, laptop and tablet repair franchise in Coachella Valley. They specialize in screen replacement, water restoration and removing virus from laptops. They also provide various personal customization options for your iPhone, which includes - custom bezel selection, imprinting vinyl skins, custom cover design, etc. They have another upcoming innovative venture after it gets approved by the FAA - they would be using drones to pick up cell phones, repairing them and returning again, all in just a matter of 45 minutes.


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