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Innovative Tools For Marketing: Using Technology to Stay on Top

Innovative Tools For Marketing: Using Technology to Stay on Top



With the world technologically evolving at the rapid pace that it is, it is critical for your business to keep up. Staying updated on the newest technology for your industry does not only put you in good position for the moment, but gives you an edge for the future. For example, if your business runs on the newest software that is out on the market, you will know when to update that software. Therefore, putting you ahead of the competition. Bottom line, keeping up with and taking advantage of the technology this generation has been privileged to be in control of will only positively impact your business. Here’s how:

1. Sabio IT 15

Sabio IT

Sabio Information Technologies has been providing professional IT Support for businesses in and around Miami, Florida since 2001. They strive to give clients enterprise-level services and solutions at prices that work for small businesses. Time and experience has helped them develop best practices and workflow procedures, around a proactive philosophy, designed to keep your focus on your business, not your technology.


“To help our customers be successful, we enable them to be more efficient and mobile. A key aspect of marketing today is social media, which relies on mobile users to always be a part of the ongoing conversation on the various platforms.” - Mario Santiago, President & CEO

2. Vislogix 13


Vislogix is a team of interactive technology specialists that provides complete solutions in the interactive and immersive digital out of home space. They are a single source full service provider offering clients and partners a complete range of digital interactive and projection-based solutions, options and configurations, along with ancillary services including design, engineering, custom fabrication, custom content, project management, and worldwide installation services.


Our specific niche industry is not necessarily a category found on LinkedIn, so we have taken creative approaches to maximize the use of a variety of tools that allow us to reach a wide range of people and industries. Ultimately, our relationship based approach and personal touch is what has built our customer base and has allowed our company to flourish with the larger brands of the world." - Oliver Ferrier, Co-Founder

3. Datex Property Solutions 2

Datex Property Solutions

Datex Property Solutions was built on two core beliefs about the power of data. One, you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Two, if the data is inaccurate, cumbersome to work with or incomplete, the ability to actually use that data to drive smarter decisions is limited. Over the past fourteen years, Datex has worked closely with clients to ensure that solutions map to the real world of their daily users, organizational dynamics and recurring usage patterns. They focus on embedding clients into the product realization process, and are continuously refining their offerings to deliver more value.


“Marketing is all about constantly putting the message out there in front of people. We keep tapping people on the shoulder and sharing valuable information until the right piece clicks and provides a solution to their business needs..“ - Scott Mahler, President

4. Interaxlink 2


Interaxlink was founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009. The Company is oriented to bring value to the retail market through the development of technological solutions which helps retailers to increase their revenue and profit. They offer cutting edge technology, which enables retailers to attract new customers, increasing their loyalty by understanding their in-store behavior, and enhance their shoppers experience. They offer the integration of IP Digital Video Cameras, with embedded analytic software, IP Video Management Software, which can be configured from a simple digital surveillance purpose, to the analysis of the in-store shopper behavior. Leveraging the understanding of the in-store shopper behavior, they offer the development of technological applications to enhance the in-store shopping experience. These kind of solutions starts from the implementation of a digital signage network solution, the development of interactive applications installed in touchscreen devices in the retailer’s shelves, to the development of mobile applications which engage clients in an early stage of the purchase process.


“The most important marketing tool for us has been direct outreach to the right decision makers. We strive to truly understand their business needs and provide case studies of past success, then we show how we can provide solutions to their problems to help them grow.” - Esteban Tognini, CEO & Founder

5. Qualpath 1


Qualpath helps companies develop strategies to manage and reduce their office printing expenses. Their team of Managed Print Services experts can help you measure the current cost of printing in your organization and implement strategies to reduce costs and human need. They offer a full portfolio of print management solutions including assessment tools, printers and multifunctional systems that print, copy, fax and scan.


“We take a traditional approach to marketing and believe that fertile ground and a quality seed will build our long term success. We network and build relationships as well as strive to make sure our customers have a great experience to advocate for our business.“ - Kevin DeYoung, President & CEO

6. Green Road 1

Green Road

GreenRoad helps businesses run safer, more efficient and profitable fleets that tread more lightly on the planet. GreenRoad was founded in 2004 to apply advanced mathematical modeling and cutting-edge technology to the problem of accurately predicting and intercepting risky driving. Today, GreenRoad transforms the way businesses manage their fleets at every level. Their driver and fleet performance management solution engages drivers directly for meaningful, lasting behavior change. At the same time, fleet tracking, mapping and reporting help fleets optimize their daily and strategic operations. For businesses this means safer, greener drivers, lower operational costs and greater customer satisfaction for a clear competitive advantage.


“Customers today really appreciate great case studies. They love to learn about customers with similar issues and needs as themselves--they look for all of the details small and large. In addition to that, don’t forget to focus on verticals so you stay close to your target audience.“ - Zeev Braude, CEO & President

7. Trade 2 Live 1

Trade 2 Live

Trade2Live is a company focused on creating proprietary trading software for the stock market (specifically the Futures and Commodities markets). Trade2Live produces systems created to help traders and investors - of advanced trading levels - maximize profits by utilizing proprietary technologies built by experienced traders, and software developers. The development of exclusive trading strategies has been their focus since the beginning. They harness the

power of the web, historical graphs, indicators, technologies, and back-tested algorithms to deploy systems which allow traders to gain an advantage on their day-to-day trading.


“Much of our marketing is by directly engaging prospective customers through online or in person seminars. With a significant email list, we are able to utilize our email marketing campaigns very effectively to engage people and gain their business.” - George Mahshigian, CEO

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