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Innovative Products and Services To Streamline Your Life

Innovative Products and Services To Streamline Your Life



Information technology and web-related innovation have given rise to new business trends. This innovation has not only upgraded how society functions, but has also opened up many windows of opportunities for countless savvy minds! Today, we'd like to share with you a list of some companies that are doing business with a fresh, novel, and innovative approach while earning a solid reputation.

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1. WalkMe 343


Ever find yourself working on the Internet, but struggling with organization and completing certain tasks? Help has arrived! WalkMe assists user through various tasks, staying by their side as they navigate their way through different projects and goals. It has the potential to clear up confusion, streamline processes, and make your job much easier. Best of all? It's affordable and requires little to no technical integration. See it for yourself and try it today!

2. Zuli 279


Zuli helps you create a smarter home that adjusts to your needs using Bluetooth technology. The company's first product is a Bluetooth 4.0 smart plug that enables users to easily control appliances, dim lights, set schedules, and monitor power consumption directly from their smartphones. They're creating a brand new experience for their customers, in which your home adapts to your location and preferred temperatures to maximize energy efficiency, too. The future is bright, efficient, and cheap with Zuli!

3. Room 276


Room allows users to make stress-free video calls and screen sharing from their browser without downloading any software or signing up. The process is easy! Simply start the video call, share the link with the people you’d like to chat with, and start your conversation. This makes group calling even easier than before. The days of searching user names and lost signals are over. As entrepreneurs, we all know that time is not something we have an abundance of. Room could not be easier to use, and will save you time and stress. 


4. Gatekeeper 268


Computer systems are storehouses of important private data and it can be hectic and time consuming to log in and out by entering passwords to protect your data. Thankfully, Gatekeeper has come up with a unique way of helping you out by using Bluetooth technology in their devices that lock your computer systems automatically when you move away from your desk and sign you in when you walk back in its proximity. Amazing, isn't it?

5. TimeTap 141


Have you ever felt the need for a personal assistant, but found it too costly? Use TimeTap, an app that acts as your virtual personal assistant. It provides various services including a very efficient time scheduler, fluid calendars, and easy-to-navigate lists. It makes sure that you never have to miss any business appointment in the future. Moreover, it is available for your smartphone, so you can continuously receive important updates on the go!

6. Boomerang for Gmail 42

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail, from the productivity tool experts at Baydin, Inc, integrates seamlessly into your email and gives you tools to increase your productivity. Boomerang allows you to schedule emails to send later, snooze messages out of your inbox, track when someone opens your email, and be automatically reminded when you need to follow up with someone who hasn't responded to your email. We all struggle with email productivity; it's a bit too easy to forget to send or respond to an email. Boomerang is the answer to all of these problems. Install Boomerang for Gmail today and see for yourself why it's the top Gmail extension.

7. Counter Crop 20

Counter Crop

Counter Crop is a great tool that allows you grow plants and vegetables indoors. Co-founder Jack Abbot wanted to show the rest of the world how easy it is to grow a great indoor garden, a great skill, considering ever-decreasing resources. While using Counter Crop, about 90% less water is used compared to conventional techniques. Furthermore, Jack started working on LED technologies and found that because different plants have different lighting requirements, if he could find a way to mimic the sun, he would be successful in growing indoor plants. The technology behind Counter Crop automatically adjusts the spectrum of sunlight depending on what you're growing, providing an intelligent light source that improves the indoor gardening experience.

8. Vow To Be Chic 8

Vow To Be Chic

Shopping for bride and bridesmaid dresses is a rather stressful job. A perfect dress has the right combination of color, style, and design, and finding the perfection combination of the three is downright difficult. Enter Kelsey Doorey, who had the idea of starting a bridesmaid dress rental service during her internship with a wedding planner. She soon secured funding, leading to the foundation of Vow To Be Chic. The company has collaborated with various top designers for the dresses and provides an affordable, convenient, and stylish solution for wedding dress shopping.

9. Mapme 6


Mapme is a convenient platform that allows passionate people to build, launch, and grow community maps. Users can create custom maps that serve whatever purpose they need, market it, and watch their community grow. Individuals, businesses, and anyone in between can easily take advantage of this service, so download the app today!

10. LSTN 4


LSTN is a premium headphone manufacturer started 2 years ago by Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff. Bridget came up with the idea of starting a headphone company helping those with hearing disabilities after she saw a video of a 20 year old who heard herself for the first time. This prompted Bridget to do something to change people's lives through music. Bridget's background in music and Joe's background in philanthropy resulted in a great collaboration. As Bridget wished, a part of the headphone sales of the company go towards helping people with hearing disabilities all over the world.

11. Firm Play 2

Firm Play

What is the meaning of a job search for a normal person, apart from running around different consultancies and uploading resumes on the usual online job portals? Does every job portal, provide you any detailed insights of a company showcasing their work nature, style, and real-time environment? No, but FirmPlay does. It aims at providing you with a great place to work by showing you interactive information along with photos and videos of a particular company. You can decide whether or not you are a good fit and apply accordingly. FirmPlay was launched in July last year and has since revolutionized the idea of job searching.

Think we left out another great option? Let us know in the comments and we might feature them in the future!

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