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Innovative Office Spaces for the Modern Professional

Some work offices provide great environments for their employees. Great environments mean quality work and an enthusiastic and helpful team. Is your work office one of the best? Having a good office certainly does make the day a little better! Here are some companies that take their office spaces to the next level.

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1. LivingSocial 0

LivingSocial seeks to provide communities with the best information regarding locations, events, and experiences locally. They help businesses, local or not, find and establish new customers and help to improve marketing. They also help everyday people find their next big outgoing and excursion with deals to boot. LivingSocial listens to their staff and team and work with their innovative ideas to make their company the best it can be.


2. Squarespace 0

Squarespace is a software company focused on providing website building, blogging and hosting services. They have established themselves as the leaders in content management software. Getting companies set up with the best in website creation, Squarespace has been around since 2003 with a better web design in mind. This award winning company listens to its team to make the best products.


3. Twilio 0

Twilio is a software platform that works directly with businesses and companies to build applications for their social and marketing needs. Headquartered in San Francisco, Twilio’s main focus is on cloud communications. This company calls itself “your own programmable phone company” and seeks to make life easier for businesses in need of communications expertise. Knocking out the shenanigans, Twilio provides a great environment for its staff by opening opportunities and great benefits.


4. Tasting Table 0

Tasting Table might just be the best culinary website and newsletter out there. Focused on providing the best reviews, recipes, and resources for all epicureans, Tasting Table prides itself on being reliable, connected, and food enthused. They seek to broaden the culinary knowledge of the world and work hard to share what they love most. Tasting Table provides a great environment for its staff, because they focus on allowing them to learn and have fun with their culinary love.


5. HUMAN Healthy Vending 0

HUMAN Healthy Vending is a company that seeks to provide better and healthier vending options for children and adults alike across the globe. This company was established by two young entrepreneurs in 2008 and hasn’t stopped seeking worldwide health ever since. They seek to provide “Easy Nutrition Everywhere.” HUMAN provides a fun environment for its team while keeping a healthy focus in mind.


6. Three Rings 0

Three Rings is a branch of the SEGA Company that seeks to create and promote online games. Founded on its own in 2001, Three Rings was acquired by SEGA ten years later. Three Rings is located in San Francisco and creates many popular online games such as Puzzle Pirates. With a focus on bringing games to the online community, this company also very much enjoys having fun. Their office is even made to look like a steampunk submarine!


7. Quid 0

Quid helps businesses utilize the best out of their knowledge and allow them to grow more by providing qualities resources for learning more. They help to provide better insights into their products and technology to allow them to make the best of their strategies. This company is also located in the heart of San Francisco. Quid’s office culture is one of the best, offering its employees phenomenal benefits and perks including company trips, meals, and a gym!

8. Buck O’Neill Builders 0

Buck O’Neill Builders focuses on homebuilding and home remodeling. Working with the client in developing a plan, this company makes these plans cost effective and perfectly to the client’s needs and wants. They work together with the client and architects on these projects. They offer a variety of construction services. The team here is made up of experienced people who add a little touch of themselves to their work.


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