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Innovative Marketing Tactics to Attract New Customers

According to Pew Research, 78 percent of those surveyed say they do product research online and 32 percent have posted comments about products. That can lead to an avalanche of potential referrals and chance for your marketing efforts to shine. While we know customers are prime to go out looking for products and services, the question still remains: how do you attract an audience to your business? There’s no one right way to market your business, but there are simple ways to get the ball rolling.

Partner with Local Businesses

Team up with an established business to help promote your products or service. A wine company could cross-promote its products with a cigar or houseware store via coupons or a free sample to entice new customers. For example, a women's clothing boutique partnered up with BMW to offer a free silk robe to its customers. They knew the BMW customers had money to spend. When they came to pick up their free robe, they spent hundreds in the store. Your business could get new traffic and earn the support of local businesses that admire your marketing ingenuity.

Before you pick out just any business to partner with, determine your target market first. If you sell luxury high-end skin care, partnering with a discount women’s boutique probably isn’t going to attract your ideal customer. The idea is to find shops and service providers with similar customers interested in your products, but that won’t directly compete with their business.

Use Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are an innovative way to sell your business by leveraging your best customers. Choose your most passionate, loyal customers and ask them for a few minutes of their time to record a video testimonial for your business. Offer to set up the interview in the comfort of their own home and get them warmed up by asking what they’ve enjoyed most about your business.

Remember to distribute your videos to social media channels like YouTube, Facebook and your own website. Look at companies that use video testimonials the right way. For example, LifeLock leverages customer testimonials to discuss issues with attempted identity theft and how the company saved them time, money and headaches.

Bundle Your Offering

Don’t let a customer just walk away after purchasing a single product or service. Bundle your offer together to provide more value and entice customers to spend a bit more. For example, a graphic designer could sell a single logo service, but also offer a bundled package where a client gets a logo, web design services and marketing assets like letterhead and customized social media buttons. The same concept can work for a retail store. Don’t just sell a nightstand; offer a discount on a matching bookcase and dressers to complete the deal.

Go Above and Beyond

Turn your customers into your best marketing assets by treating them like royalty. Send small gifts or coupons on birthdays, package the item bought with treats and stickers and invite them to special VIP-only customer events. The better care you take of your customers, the more likely they are to spread the word about your business and your unique customer service practices.

Don't make going above and beyond too complicated. Commerce Bank is known for its wow factor and keeps non-traditional banking hours including Sundays. While other banks charge non-members, and even members, a fee for their penny arcades, Commerce Bank makes it free. Simply cash in your coins, grab the receipt from the machine and hand it to the teller to get your cash. Commerce Bank's goal isn't to make money off of penny arcade service fees, but to attract new customers and keep current customers happy.

Get Easy Referrals

Make referrals easy for customers. Give them a stamped postcard with a short note to send to a friend in exchange for a coupon. You can also invite them to an affiliate program where they can send links and special promo codes to acquaintances. In exchange, they’ll earn a small commission for their efforts. And if you work with business-to-business companies, ask them to put your logo or a mention in their newsletter in exchange for free products or discounts.

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