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Innovating The Imagination

Innovating The Imagination



Had a wonderful dream? Let's being it into reality! Today's list of companies will help you do just that. These companies have the power to help you think, plan, and engineer ideas like no other. As a result, they have flourished and earned a high repute among their competitors. 

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1. TourBeat 31


This one's for all the concert lovers out there! How often you have wished for a website similar to IMBD, specifically designed for concerts by different performers, or perhaps a dedicated website that can show complete statistics of different musicians and bands, including their discography, concert history, upcoming concerts, live shows, and ticket prices?

Well, your search ends at, which launched only a few months back. They were initially selling only concert tickets, but they felt they could provide an online platform to search and locate different concerts and tours by various performers and additional information regarding their performance history and upcoming albums.

To ease the process of purchasing tickets online, they have a Kayak model for ticket selling, so that you can find tickets from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, the newly launched yearly membership scheme allows you to buy any number of concert tickets without paying any additional service fee.

2. Spoil 13


We all like exchanging gifts on anniversaries, birthdays, festivals, etc., but often the gifts we exchange are very common and boring. Why? Because we don't know about the tastes of a particular person. To clear this confusion and make your gift an ideal surprise for someone, you can use Spoil, a very unique application that provides you special information about the people whom you are gifting something. This information tells us about that person's likings and lifestyle, which enables us to select the appropriate gift and surprise the receiver. Awesome, isn't it?

3. 27Pivots 7


Sometimes, we have an idea stuck somewhere in our mind but we don't know how to bring it forth into reality. If you think you have a brilliant idea or a blueprint to launch a great enterprise but lack the expertise and knowhow to build on it, then you need some expert to join together the pivots of your imagination into substantiality and 27Pivots is that firm! With their top notch team of entrepreneurs, designers, and developers, they provide you with the complete solution to start your buildup from scratch!

4. Bill 3


Forget all the paper work while paying bills and collecting payments. Use the great cloud technology system incorporated by to simplify the drudgery of traditional payment methods.

Bill was founded in 2006 by René Lacerte, a seasoned entrepreneur vastly experienced in the payment space. Rene had previously established PayCycle, which was the industry's leading payroll service. PayCycle was acquired in 2009, and Rene thought of killing all the hectic paperwork involved in the payment process and induced cloud technology to handle it with efficiency. Hence, was born and with over 600,000 members in its network comprising of different technology startups, franchises, restaurants, etc. is very simple and easy to use and takes no time to construct scan receipts, thanks to its automation technology.

5. Dispatch 3

Dispatch is an app which provides complete customization of your videos by using private, invite-only channels. Hence, only the people you invite have the chance to view your videos. Moreover, you have the option to remove or add anyone from your channel at anytime. All the videos and the respective comments on each video are automatically backed up to the web. also allows you to add videos to your channel from the app or from the photo library of your phone.

6. Expensify 2


Are you tired of writing continuous expense reports? Do you think that creating expense reports is one of the most boring jobs in the world? Don't fret! Try Expensify, which is an easy way to create quick cash expenses, automatically import card transactions, and manage other reimbursable expenses. The company was founded in 2008 by David Barrett, as he was fed up of doing his expense reports and wanted to create a specialized and dedicated solution for it.

7. Urjanet 1


With the bigger companies turning eco-friendly and reducing their carbon emission levels, energy data is of utmost importance. Urjanet provides these large corporations with the best available energy data so they can efficiently plan and manage their energy consumption. Urjanet was set up by Sanjoy Malik. Previously, Sanjoy had also established Synchrologic which was sold to Nokia, and his second company Air2Web was also eventually sold off. While establishing Urjanet, Sanjoy was keen to capture a compelling market and started a new venture to provide energy data in a normalized form to the companies so that they can use them in order to reduce their overall energy spending. In addition, Urjanet provides a subscription based service to different companies to drive their applications. Moreover, currently they are working with big names like EnerNOC and Workiva. All the bigger companies require energy data to drive their sustainability efforts as energy forms 1/3rd of their budget.

8. Firefly 1


Every sector and field has come under the influence of changing technology. One such sector is the law industry. Firefly is a firm which provides high tech solutions and services in the law industry, including process serving, skip tracing, court filing, and document retrieval, and they do it all through latest technology and services.

Keith McMaster, the president, was in school in 1996, studying to become a chemical engineer, and on the side he also delivered legal papers. In a conversation with his dad, he thought that could overhaul the law industry through technology. That was it and they started slowly emerging in Chicago, Tampa, Atlanta, St. Louis and more. They created a mobile app of their services back in 2005 and provide topnotch advanced ways of court filing, process serving and other services.

9. Poshly 1


Ever thought of personalized beauty care? Try Poshly! It is a website that connects customers to beauty brands and determines the best suited products for a particular person accordingly. It's so easy to work with, as you just have to enter your details and it will show you the corresponding results in such a way that matches different brands with different beauty needs.

10. Meet Edgar 1

Meet Edgar

You must have wondered why most of your social updates only manage to reach a very little number of people. Many things govern the popularity of your update, including time of the update, algorithms and content. You don't need to worry about it, though, because Edgar is a tool which is totally unique and excels at managing your updates in such a way that it reaches maximum audience. It works with a very special algorithm and creates a catalogue of all your social updates. Furthermore, it categorizes this catalogue and publishes on the specific schedule you choose. After it publishes a update, it pulls out more from your catalogue and keeps posting, thus buying you a chance that each of your updates receive maximum response.

11. ArrayFire 0


ArrayFire provides a nitrous boost to your software program with their expertise in speeding up computer codes. They were established in the year 2009 and have worked with big agencies including NASA and many other fortune 500 companies. They started as a product-based company with a library to speed up your code, but they now have open sourced that library and made it free online. To have a glance at their awesome code, you can login to to create a 3d application and experience virtual three dimension experience. Moreover, as they have made their code free to all, anyone can use it for finance, energy, defense, and entertainment sectors.

Know of any other great companies? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!!

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