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Innovate or Die- 14 Companies Doing It Right

Innovate or Die- 14 Companies Doing It Right



As technology continues to advance at a wildly rapid pace, businesses and companies are hurriedly racing to be the top innovators in their respective industries. With hundreds of startups and small businesses emerging, it can be difficult to discover and decipher exactly which one of these businesses is the most creative, successful, and most applicable to our daily work and home lives. Your search for these companies ends here. Here are several of the most innovative companies, businesses, and apps that are on the rise right now:

1. Invoiced 1236


Invoiced was founded by owner Jared King while he was working as a freelance web developer. He created Invoice after discovering and witnessing freelancers struggle for their work. Slowly, but surely, Jared’s simple billing system evolved into an enormously popular and complete billing system. His main objective is to help small businesses get paid by minimizing all complexities with billing with his self-made software to bill his clients. Additionally, Invoiced currently has over 1,000 paying customers and continues to grow, helping more and more people get paid each day.

2. Kii 687


After seeing the need to stay connected through the Internet in 2007, the founders of Kii have been concentrated on addressing the high-performance demands of innovation in the connected world with an extraordinary cloud platform augmented for the IoT (Internet of Things). They serve some of the world’s major carriers with connectivity, scale, solidity, and efficient performance. Kii also focuses on their device and user management in order to make using devices easier. Kii has an array of popular customers including Acer, HTC, and many more. Additionally, Kii’s partners in innovation include Amazon Web Services, China Mobile, HTC, and more.

3. Factor 61 344

Factor 61

In 1961, JFK made a goal of getting a man to the moon and back. As most of us know, he was successful. Factor61 is named after this feat of innovation. Many of their employees got their start at NASA and have moved into the private cyber security space to help save the world from hackers. After recognizing the vital necessity of Internet security, they created an exceptionally efficient Cyber Security Services, which helps small to large sized companies by looking for and fixing existing bugs and compromises that companies may be unaware of, and setting up an extensive monitoring service giving you early warnings before a small issue leads to the downfall of your company. Additionally, Factor 61 will train a company’s employees in the necessary security skills in order to work more efficiently.

4. t-appz 146


t-appz is a complete SaaS model mobile solution that allows e-commerce merchants to build their native mobile iPhone, iPad, Android & Android tablet applications in a very short time and with no coding required. For those small and mid size online merchants who are willing to have their presence in app stores and start receiving mobile conversions, t-appz is a hassle free solution. t-appz consists of 3 easy steps; Submit your e-commerce web service link or pick one of those pre-integrated providers, Design & pick your flow and Create a test app & Submit your app.

Transforming your online store into a m-commerce shop has never been this easy. We have brought together our experience in mobile technologies and our passion for innovation to create a product that is too good to be true. T-appz is a product of Tmob Mobile Tech with it’s years of experience on mobilizing business with app development & mobile solutions. 

5. AMP 104


AMP is an exquisite real estate management company. The company began a few years back when its founders were seeking to purchase commercial real estate, only to find that there was no complete asset management platform for commercial real estate. After recognizing this hidden issue, the founders of AMP began working with anyone who owned commercial real estate. Now AMP assists anyone who owns commercial real estate to digitalize his or her portfolios. This allows anyone to digitally view the financial information for his or her real estate with ease. 

6. OpenTime 32


OpenTime just launched their first private beta a few weeks ago, and is not yet generating any revenue. OpenTime is an application that allows you to meet people that work in the same field or industry. The app also prepopulates your availability in order to network more effectively, therefore growing one's network. OpenTime was created after the owner recognized people’s struggle to capitalize at networking events. With OpenTime, everyone at a networking event can login and continue with the event being able to differentiate themselves. There is tremendous potential for this soon to be successful app. As the owner has said, “It will connect the entire world offline."

7. Back To The Roots 27

Back To The Roots

Back To The Roots began a few years back when a couple of fraternity brothers learned that it was possible to grow mushrooms from recycled coffee grounds. After discovering this news, the young men decided to turn down their corporate job offers to be full-time mushroom farmers. Their goal: “To make food personal and inspire families to ask, ‘Where does my food come from?’” Back To The Roots has been successful in marketing, selling, and shipping their products such as their mushroom farm orders, water garden orders, and more.

8. Simafore 12


Simafore is a data science based services and solutions provider. They provide their services and solutions to companies and businesses that do not have widespread human or capital resources to employ the traditional or mainstream offerings in today’s modern market place. They attempt to make analytics a business or company’s priority. They generally work with small to medium sized manufacturing companies. Today most of the predictive analytics are human, but in the future, most of the predictive analytics will be combined for consumption of other machines. Simafore’s innovativeness will help bring us to that future.

9. DCT Solutions Inc. 5

DCT Solutions Inc.

DCT Solutions Inc., which is two and a half years old, is primarily a service provider. Additionally, they deal with ETR care, and data offerings as well, depending on the needs of a client. They are currently focusing on the US. Advice: it is always good to start small.  The owner of DCT Solutions Inc., who has a technologically based background, believes in testing the ideas first before moving forward. 

10. 121 Giving 5

121 Giving

121 Giving is an exclusive crowdfunding platform where charities, bands, and givers gather to help benefit those in need across the country with the potential to make a global impact. This company spreads its charity out to communities, veterans, families, children, teens, women, men, and seniors that may struggle with housing or disaster. The company built this platform on the belief that everyone deserves to know where their donations are directly going. This ain't your grandma's giving site! 121Giving makes it easy to see real needs, close to home, based on what matters most to you.  121 Giving is the first e-commerce marketplace for charitable organizations. The organization builds a campaign and tracks every dollar that is put into it.

11. Weaver 4


Weaver is the latest, innovative app now available in the iTunes app store. The app allows us to communicate in a way never thought possible. Instead of taking the time to select one of the hundreds of emojis on our mobile devices, Weaver routinely illustrates your message with places, characters, and expressions. It is available on nearly every mobile device, including the new Apple smartwatch! This app allows us to reconnect and stay connected to distant loved ones and friends.

12. Bitsy Blog 3

Bitsy Blog

Within six days after releasing the beta version of Bitsy Blog, the company was content to find that they already had 15,000 signed up users, and are expecting to double that number between June 15-July 1. Bitsy blog is essentially a hybrid of social media. It resembles several of the social media websites we use on a daily basis, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. The blend of social media pages and raw creativity are a testament to this website’s success and rapid growth.

13. Novigo 2


Started in 2008, Novigo began by implementing SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) software. They also  professionally execute in software solution and SAP transportation management. Generally, large companies utilize Novigo’s software, helping them reduce their transportation spending. Novigo custom implements for the companies they work for, by helping them out with enterprise change management. Additionally, their management team is comprised of people who used to work at SA, giving them a vantage in the market. They have 100 employees globally, and they are seeking to expand to 150 people.

14. RTL Networks 2

RTL Networks

RTL Networks is a technology solutions provider, founded in 2002, by a former Air Force Veteran and computer science major, who after his services worked at several companies, including Cisco. After a few years of working, he had been laid off twice, which was common at the time. RTL Network’s solutions and services include staff augmentation, professional services, and reselling of hardware and products. They also share expertise in competitive market-place analysis and portraying the most cost effective staffing resolution. Additionally, they have partnered up with HP, Brocade, Cisco Partner, Comstor, and more.

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