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Improving Daily Life: Companies That Make Your Lives Easier

Improving Daily Life: Companies That Make Your Lives Easier



In today's blog, we present you some companies that have come up with great new ideas to improve your daily life through convenience and intuition. It's no surprise that each of these companies have found great success; check them out!

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1. Missing Link 2349

Missing Link

MissingLink is a great way of tagging your luggage and attaching security labels to you devices, making it easy for people to return lost items. Alvin Saywa and Luis Villalobos Jr., the founders of Missing Link, were brainstorming ideas to start their own business. On a flight back from New York to Miami, they noticed a bag get loose as the luggage made its journey, and realized that there was no way for the owner to tag that luggage. Missing Link was thus born, seeking to solve the problem of lost luggage. Recently, the company has launched a mobile app, where users can send a text through their website to your mobile phone's lock screen with information on how to return your phone.

2. Zingle 1032


Zingle is a tailor-made app for the businessman. It all started when one of the founders of Zingle didn't want to wait for his coffee any morning. As a result, he bought a cheap phone for his Barista so he could order ahead of time. Consequently, this led to the idea of Zingle, through which people can text for their coffee or for their valet to bring their car, amongst many other options. Many companies use Zingle, including Marriott, St. Andrew's Country Club, Seaside Market, and Four Seasons. Try it out today!

3. Picks 16


Described as "the to-do list for what you love," Picks is an app that allows users to create lists of places and events they wish to visit. The company started off from a very basic idea of keeping track of the places you go. After wandering around a new neighborhood, founder Joseph Fabisevich saw a number of good restaurants, but didn't have time to stop at all of them. He got the idea to design such an app that would categorize and plan possible options, providing users the opportunity to create lists for various needs. 

4. App 9 App is a very simple and effective to-do listthat allows users to create a task and share it with friends and family. Moreover, the built-in messaging feature provides a convenient way of communicating with others. Once a task is complete, you can mark it as complete; friends can see what you've done, and you can see what tasks others have done too. 

5. iReformat 9


Beginning as a way to automate the resume formatting process for recruiters, iReformat was founded to make this process a breeze for everyone involved. Their focus on creating a reliable and efficient product is commendable, and their desire to assist those with questions and needs is matched only by the elegant and intuitive process. Check out iReformat; you won't be disappointed. 

6. jetRYTE 9


Are you a frequent flyer who regularly deals with jetlag? No problem! Try jetRYTE, a great water-soluable tablet that contains a multitude of vitamins, including B6, B12, and C, as well as minerals, including magnesium, sodium, and potassium. It also includes white willow bark, green tea leaf extract, ginger root extract, and other important ingredients to throw away the symptoms of jetlag from your body and make you feel refreshed and active once again!

7. DevMynd 8


DevMynd, founded in 2010, provides design, development, and other related services to its clients. The company's main focus is on web and mobile development, as well as single-page desktop apps. Only 2 months ago, they also launched a video streaming platform for Madison Square Garden, making events viewable from your phone and desktop. The company's client list is varied, including University of Chicago, Groupon, and a wide array of others. What separates them from their competitors is that they can reach clients that startups are typically difficult to engage with. Between rapid growth and a promising apprenticeship program coming soon, the future is bright for DevMynd!

8. Canary 8


Canary is the fusion of a home security device with an attractive appearance that is so impressive, it's difficult to pull your eyes away from it! Apart from its elegant appearance, though, it's a very capable and potent security system that captures HD video of your home and sends it directly to your smartphone. The company started only a few years ago, when Adam, the founder, came home from a vacation with the hopes that nothing would've happened to his apartment in his absence. This inspired the idea of an advanced home surveillance and security system, which redefined the meaning of home security in a simple and intuitive manner.

In addition to that, the device constitutes a 90db alarm which can be activated through the Canary app, a motion detector that sense movement and starts recording video, a HD camera with excellent night vision, a microphone to record high quality audio and a sensor to detect the temperature, humidity and quality of air of your room.

9. Wicoz 8


Wicoz is a company known for great innovation, including the MilkNanny, a great device for parents to prepare warm and clump free milk for their babies. It was designed and developed by Lee Derrick, the founder of Wicoz. The handiness of the device can be attributed to its one-touch control, great design, and a smartphone app that allows remote control of the device to easily follow your baby's diet.  The device also has a very soothing illuminating light to provide a relaxing atmosphere throughout the night, ensuring your baby gets a good nights sleep. Even better, the device is self-cleaning and has built-in UV protection system!

10. PinkLion 8


PinkLion is the essential guide to the online shopping experience for today's modern, discerning consumer. That's because they scour the globe every day for exceptional design, attention to craft, and quality product – exclusively from today's top independent brands. It's nothing but the very best stuff, handpicked just for their visitors, available all in one place. It's a highly curated shopping experience composed of the things that make life just a little better. It's PinkLion, committed to finding the very best you.

11. Upkeep 8


How often do we wish for a great task manager and end up tangling with calendars and reminders in our iPhones? To cut all this hassle, there is a wonderful app called as Upkeep. When you are a home owner, or in the working world, there are so many things you have to remember. It would be impossible to remember them all without some type of to do list. This app manages all of your daily tasks, arranges them by priority, and reminds you in a very intuitive fashion. Upkeep's great feature is that you can easily postpone a task with a simple touch to some other date without re-entering everything again. It's convenient, easy, and incredibly helpful.

12. Wally Home 7

Wally Home

Wally is a breakthrough product that can detect water leakage, humidity, and temperature change in your home and send alerts to your smartphone via your home network. The device is based on a patented radio communication technology and uses the wiring in your walls as its antennae. During research and development, the team found that water damage was the highest insurance claim for homeowners. This sparked the idea of helping homeowners with great technology, leading to the construction of Wally, after collaborating with Nest. The device alerts you through SMS, push notifications, and email.  Even if you're travelling aboard or busy at work, it provides a complete monitoring solution for your home and helps you evade any damage caused due to water leakage or a change in temperature and humidity. Moreover, its sensors are very durable. In case they get wet, you simply dry them off and they are ready to use again.

Know of another awesome company? Let us know and we could feature them soon!

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